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Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

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By the way, I've got Tindale almost completely mapped out. Been hard at work on the Ark Dungeon as well...      

Actually I feel that Chaosium putting MagicWorld on the back burner also kinda liberates it in some ways, leaving it for the fans to tweak to their hearts content, like we used to do with the rpgs bac

Noticed I've been sucking up space on the MW forums for each of my individual little projects and thought a single thread to list stuff/ideas/current projects/ect... might clear up the clutter. Gonn

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So...on to Dwaven hold? Maybe 😎

If I do this community I think I'd like to give them some unique customs, quirks, etc.

Make them MAGIC WORLD dwarves instead of typical Scottish accent LOTR dwarves. Maybe some things outsiders don't get to see often, or even know about.

Also looking for ideas on cruach dragon 🐉 

Something besides an actual worm

What weird things have dwarves made in their holds?

How does a home look when you can walk through stone walls?

What the heck is Erdebroc?


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Customs and Quirks: What do they eat? Do they farm above ground like everyone else or do they live on roots, fungus, weta, and blind cave fish 

Yay! as a 1/4 Scot and (ex?)working class I'm tired of the stereotypes.

Cruach: so the dwarves are not Scots but the dragons are? Does Sean Connery do their voices?

Walk through walls?: Do they have a low cultural value on privacy?

Not a Wrym? well there is the old celt tradition of the red dragon of the celts fighting the white dragon of the invaders (Angels, Jutes and Saxons). Traditionally British dragons breath poisonous gas not fire. Have you read any Katherine Briggs?

 Weird things made?: I'd think about life underground so hydroponic gardens caved into the rock, waterwheels powering huge bellows to draw in fresh air, geothermal heating for homes.

What the heck is Erdebroc? Beats me

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