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Can Magic World be used as a base for BRP settings?


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I wound up getting the Big Golden Book.  My FLGS has been closed for some time, so I have to buy online.  The book came damaged, as it was not packed well at all (simply wrapped in cardboard), and the corner was smashed in.  I'm kind of particular about my books, especially expensive ones, so I asked to return it for a better copy, and they said no problem and shipped me a new one.  Well, it was also not protected and came damaged as well.  It was better cosmetically, but took a worse hit structurally.  Every time you touched it you could hear it creaking and the spine was turning to jelly.  Pages weren't going to be held for long with the binding coming apart!  I called them and told them what was happening, and they offered to send a third copy.  I asked if it would be packaged better, and they said no.  I told them not to, no point wasting another book.  They said since I was a good customer (I am, really!) that I should keep one and send the other back, and they'd credit me.  I didn't set out to get a free book, and I feel bad . . . but all they had to do was pack it better!


Anyhoo, it's been slow going, and I don't know when I'll get to play, but I'm working on it!  My basement has been turned into a man-cave (it's still in progress but serviceable) and I want to put it to use.



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I've yet to see BRP or MW at any of the stores in my neck of the woods. Have to rely on internet as well. I am curious as to who sent you the badly shipped products tho....?

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