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What t.v., movie, comic book characters, do you want BRP stats for?


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After watching too many cube square law videos and calculating conflicting sums, I guesstimate that a consistently 24-foot Kong would have a mass of about 16 tons.  That’s based on an average 6-foot gorrila weighing 500 pounds.  Kong would be four times stronger than his smaller cousins (at four times the size) but 64 times the mass.

It seems a bit excessive — the other result I kept getting was 3 tons, 12 times the mass.  Despite being a Hero System fan, the math was confusing to me.

If we downsize Kong to his originally intended 18 feet tall, he is 3x bigger than a regular ape,  2 and a half times as strong, 27x mass — just under 7 tons (6.75).  This is the size he appears to be while chained up on that doomed Broadway stage.

Found my own old write-up here:

Given our recent calculations, Kong’s SIZ should have been 64.  I’d raise his INT to 8 or 10.

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6 hours ago, bustapc said:

I’d love to see Grimm and all the Wesen statted out. I always thought a Grimm rpg would’ve been great. My other dream rpg was Big Trouble in Little China. 

It isn’t an RPG but Osprey publishing’s “A Fistful of Kung Fu” is a skirmish game with roleplaying elements that screams “Big Trouble,” especially when you see the miniatures for it.

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3 hours ago, seneschal said:

It isn’t an RPG but Osprey publishing’s “A Fistful of Kung Fu” is a skirmish game with roleplaying elements that screams “Big Trouble,” especially when you see the miniatures for it.

Thanks! I hadn’t heard of this. I may be placing an order tonight. Those miniatures look great!

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On 2/9/2019 at 9:29 PM, rsanford said:

The Crow

The Spectre

Doctor Fate


I'll have to do some noodling on these.  Both Spectre and Fate are classic long-running characters from the Forties worthy of write-ups.  But their powers are so broad and vast they'd be hard to represent with game mechanics.  By comparison, 1940 Superman is fairly easy to quantify:  strong, tough, fast, flies, has enhanced senses.  Kent "Doctor Fate" Nelson possesses all of these (and immortality) before he dons the Helmet of Nabu.  With his headgear, he's practically a mystical Swiss Army knife.  You could divide his powers among the members of a super team and call them the Hex Men.  Likewise, The Spectre isn't merely a scary guy who dishes out punishment to people who deserve it (that would be The Shadow or The Spirit).  He's the official, licensed Wrath of God (from a time when it was OK to acknowledge the Judeo-Christian God and His ultimate divine authority).  I mean, we've seen him as a celestial giant physically (metaphysically?) holding Earth 1 and Earth 2 apart to prevent their destruction.  How do you write up a guy like that?

The Vision is much more doable.  Interestingly, he's one of those characters that made his debut around the same time as a competing publisher's hero who possesses similar abilities.  Both Vision and the Martian Manhunter are lonely (and bald and green) outsiders who are super strong, can fly, and can become intangible.  Both are members and sometime leaders of their respective publishers' top super team.  Maybe they could meet up after hours and form a support group.

Don't know about The Crow.  I'm not much into grim, dark, tragic, angst-filled superheroes.  Hence, all the Batman '66 write-ups.  The Shadow and The Spider were grim and dark, but they didn't feel guilty about it, never apologized for anything, never sought psychiatric help.  Sorry, Crow, Punisher, Logan, heh, even Batman.  You guys are Johnny-Come-Latelys.  Dang it, just go ahead and kill The Joker, Doctor Doom and Deathstroke, enjoy a romantic dinner with your honey, then go home to an untroubled night's sleep.  You just saved the citizenry untold suffering and misery as well as thousands, if not millions, of tax dollars.

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