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The Guide to Glorantha

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I have had mine for a few months now, they are a pure joy to behold.

Far exceeded my expectations, words cannot describe how happy I was to receive these books.

Moon Design truly outshone themselves with this release

And yes, they are massive!

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I hear you guys, these books are amazing. Weighty tomes, easy on the eyes but not on the back heh heh.

Great artwork as well, truly superb, but also great content.

Totally puts Glorantha in the same league as the other more notable fantasy worlds such as Middle Earth, Westeros, Lanhkmar, Young Kingdoms, or the Hyborian Age. Perhaps even a league of its own, it feels akin to reading a non-fiction text about the Bronze Age and early Iron Age eras of Rome or Egypt etc.

Love what they did with the Malkioni. Well, not initially, as it disrupted my previous interpretations of Malkioni with a sledgehammer. But now that I have got over that I really dig the way that Malkioni are more in keeping with the ancient/mythical world flavour of Glorantha.

This was a great update on the old Glorantha Box that I have been referencing all these years.

In all aspects, this publication is truly a fanboy's dream come true!

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