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wondering on advanced runequest


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Yes, it is the companion volume to the Games Workshop RQ3 Basic Edition. It expands the rules, and makes it much more playable than the Basic Rules.

Between the editions (and including the GW RQ3 Monsters Book) it covers the same content as the AH RQ3 Deluxe edition - it is almost word for word in fact.


The GW books had much more colourful art and were hard cover books . Much better than the AH boxed sets with which were quite bland and had flimsy paper covers. AH  reprinted it later under one cover which was much better however, but still not as good eye candy as the GW books.


Although I greatly preferred the GW production standards, I disliked that they were evoking a much more generic fantasy feel (akin to Warhammer, Fighting Fantasy, etc ), rather than the ancient world setting flavour intended by the original authors.


The GW RQ3 books are worth having in the book shelf if you are a collector; although if it is primarily for playing purposes then you're still better off with either the current editions of BRP BGB or RQ6 in my opinion.

" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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In that case I recommend you get it, and while you are at it you might as well hunt down the Monsters Book as well. You might as well get the complete set, and you can probably still find them on Noble Knight or eBay I think

" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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I picked up copies of the GW RuneQuest and Advanced RuneQuest through Wayne's Books (http://www.waynesbooks.net/?keyword=RUNEQUEST&searchby=title&page=shop/browse) a while ago. They've got copies of the Monsters book currently, but not Advanced RuneQuest. You'll probably pay quite a bit through Noble Knight, but might find deals on eBay.


I like the art style of both GW RQ and ARQ, but to me the organization was really confusing. ARQ frequently made references to rules in RQ, so it would seem you'd have to have both volumes handy for referencing rules.

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For what it's worth (a clack at most I suspect) I have 4 GW era RQIII books and I find the art in Advanced to be the least inspiring* and the tone is bit more dull and limiting than the others

There's a French chap (name escapes me includes a Luc and I am sure that someone else can provide more helpful info than that he even has an online gallery somewhere) who did some illustrations for RQ, Stormbringer and PenDragon whose work I find very inspirational for ideas

*not entirely useless though; my sons love looking at the portraits of the generic gods in the Divine Magic and deciding which of their beard styles I should adopt!


EDIT: the artist I was thinking of is Jean Luc Sala http://online.portfolio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Casax.html

Referensing between two books will not ne a problem for me, mostly wants them for the art.. Will Probably do a couple of characters just for fun...

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