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RoH - Nanoforges and Manufactories: time to produce


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I'm creating a new thread in order to not jeopardize the previous one with multiple questions.

Let me know if I'm not following the forums rules and accept my apologies in advance.


So I have a question about time to produce formula page 71

(hum, you can noticed I’m not able to progress very fast in my reading :( ):

Time to produce = Object SIZ x TL / Manufactory output/hr


First, I’m  finding strange that the more the technology level is high, the more it will take time to produce.

I would have expected the exact opposite. :)


Mor over, if you consider also the Max production output/hr formula:

Max production output/hr = Manufactory SIZ x Tech Level


Then the minimum time to produce is independent from the tech level:


Time to produce = Object SIZ x TL / Manufactory SIZ x Tech Level = Object SIZ / Manufactory SIZ


So basically, there was no productivity gain thanks to technology advances? :)

Usually, the product cost reduction is performed by reducing the BOM, but also the reducing the time spent on the production and assembly lines, isn’t it?


So did I miss something or is there a typo, and the right formula is indeed:


Time to produce = Object SIZ / TL x Manufactory output/hr


Thanks for your comments!


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