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Questions from a poor BRP-noob about Magic World


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Hi all,


I am a BRP noob that after reading Magic World still finds himself with a few questions. If any of you gurus would contribute to my education I would really appreciate it!


1. Assuming a battle is occurring in an open field what is the largest number of attackers that may engage a single target hand-to-hand? In other games my group uses a hex-delimited mat for battles and 6 attackers may engage any target at one time. Is the same applicable for Magic World?


2. How much are actions that affect allegiance worth? For example how many points are incurred when someone is murdered or healed? How many for sharing your lunch with a beggar? How many for building a bridge?


3. What type of actions generate balance points? The book suggest tending trees and building bridges, any other (more practical) examples?


4. If I understand the rules correctly (page 62) characters casting  spell in combat may not both move and cast in the same round. Is that correct?


5. Page 85 of Magic World indicates that to disengage from an attacker, an adventurer should use an attack successfully, dodge successfully, or turn and run. Page 62 indicates that to disengage from combat an adventurer must declare his intent at the beginning of the roud, make no attacks, and successfully dodge all attacks made against him. Any insight into how this is supposed to be handled?


6. The weapon length rule on page 92 makes me think that adventurers with long weapons go ahead of adventuers and npcs with shorter weapons despite DEX rank. Is that correct? The same rule suggest that a player using a long weapon cannot be attacked by a player using a shorter weapon until the player using the shorter weapon makes a successful dodge to slip inside the guard of the player with the longer weapon.  This implies to me that the player with the longer weapon will get at least one free attack. Is that correct? The rules also seem to indicate that once the player with the shorter weapon is within the guard of the player with the longer weapon he is no longer in immediate danger (assuming the guy with the longer weapon doesn’t move back). Do I have that right? If so why is that true? Couldn’t the guy using the spear just move his hand-hold further up the weapon? Is it accurate to think that weapons such as the quarterstaff and greatsword have significiant advantages because they can be used at short, medium, and long distances (page 72)?



PS - I recently posted a review of Magic World on rpg.net at http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/16/16300.phtml. It will likely all be old hat to people on this site but I would love to get your feedback if you have the time!


Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!

Best regards,


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I will try to help you as well as I can.


  1. This is described under the Spot Rule for Superior Numbers on page 91.
  2. It is all up to the GM. The Allegiance List in the rulebook on page 236 gives some suggestions.
  3. Answer from Question 2 applies here too. Examples are given in the list on page 236.
  4. That is correct. Quote from page 104 also clarifies this. "After you begin casting a spell, you can do nothing else during that combat round."
  5. They are both correct but are written in a confusing way. They all describe different actions you can use to disengage from an opponent. Page 62 describes one of the actions. Spend the whole round Dodging. If he manage to avoid all attacks made against him he can disengage and move his full MOV at the end of the round. The second action is to just turn and run but that immediately gives all opponents in range a free melee attack so it is a very risky move. The third option that is available seem to be missing from the MW book but is fully described in the BRP book is "to succeed in a knockback attack and then make a successful Dodge. This method does not allow any further attacks on your character, and removes him or her from close combat." Since the last option is not described in the MW book I would say that it is optional to use. But even if not allowing the BRP rule you can still knock someone down and then run away since it severely limits his chances to attack you and hit.
  6. Yes that is correct. This is further detailed under the Spot Rule for Weapon Length on page 92.

I hope this helped clarify some things for you.

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