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Demon MP cost question Advanced Sorcery


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Hi guys, I'm confused about the MP cost for summoning demons. On page 37, under "Point sacrifices for Demons", it says


"4 per 1D8 STR, CON, SIZ, INT, POW, DEX, or MOV - 1 magic point "


What does "4 per" mean there? Is it a mistake, or does it mean something? It can't possibly cost 4 mp per 1d8 of each attribute. I assume you have to put 1 point into each attribute. If so that's a minimum of 4*7 = 28 mp for stats, which seems to contradict the rest of the text. 


I think 1 per 1d8 seems reasonable, but I want to make sure. Anyone know?



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Yeah, on P.37 under DEFINING THE DEMON it reads "Each MP spent in the summoning gives 1d8 to a specific characteristic. "

So the chart Point Sacrifice for demons chart means each 1d8 costs -1 MP.

Not a contradiction just have to read it properly. Which I did not. :)

I'd assume Green is correct about the 4 being average. 4 OR 1d8 STR, not 4 PER 1d8 STR..?

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I meant to post this last night but got distracted and forgot...yep, mind like a steal trap!


On page 159 of Stormbringer 5ed is the chart/box origin for the one on page 37 of AM. In the original SB box there is no "4" before the "Per 1D8..." (the p in "Per" is also a capital letter in SB5ed) I'm thinkin'  the "4..." in AM is a typo.



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