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K&C Omnibus 1 for Clockwork & Chivalry Back in Print!


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At long last, the Kingdom & Commonwealth Omnibus I, for Clockwork & Chivalry, is back in print! (Who would have thought one plan of an inn could cause so much trouble?)


Featuring the first two adventures in the K&C series - The Alchemist's Wife and Thou Shalt Not Suffer - it's been described by one reviewer (Rory H, on DriveThruRPG) thus: "This is an excellent historical 'war-torn' English campaign that manages to evoke enough magical realism into the setting to make it come alive. There are a series of eccentric NPCs to add colour and a detailed narrative that would keep most adventurers happy for months, and it's isn't too dissimilar to classic campaigns like Warhammer's Enemy Within in this respect."


The hardback is out now, the paperback is coming soon, and don't forget that the second Kingdom & Commonwealth Omnibus is already in print!



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Peter Cakebread


Purveyors of Fine Imaginings

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On 3/15/2018 at 12:29 PM, Der Rote Baron said:

(Looky here at all them shiny clinking €uro coins ... ain't they PRETTY and SHINY? You know you WANT them, dontcha?)

Hadn't ye heard, laddie?

They've gone an' Brexited theyselves, they did... Ya gots ta find grubby ol' Pound Notes now... they don' WANT no shiny Euros...


<whistling innocently as he wanders away from the ensuing flames>


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