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Superworld PDF vs Box Set


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Hi I'm very new to BRP and I just ordered my BRP book from someone who lives in Britain.  So I'm guessing it may be awhile till I get my book.   :rolleyes:  But nevertheless, I'm very excited!   :D  And I've been thinking of running a supers game with it.  It sounds like a good system to bring in the gritty side of supers! Anyhow, I have a question.


 Can anyone tell me the difference between the Superworld PDF that you can buy online and the Superworld Box set?  Is there a rules update?

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I'm pretty sure the Superworld PDF available from Chaosium is just the scan of the old boxed set.

While it's pretty close to the current edition of BRP, it's not 100% identical as a system.

With the big golden BRP book you basically already have an updated version of Superworld - probably more streamlined than the old game.

Still, you might want to pick up the PDF for inspiration or for additional super-powers and rules you want to add to your game.


Check also the Pulp Era BRP supplement "Astounding Adventures". That is made for the current edition and is quite cool if you like puplp heroes with or without super-powers.

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It would be nice to have Superworld and its Companion available POD.  Or to have the appropriate material retooled as a superhero supplement for BRP (unlikely given the current Chaosium workload).  While I've written up lots of supers using the Big Gold Book, having those few extra powers from the full version of SW would help make character creation more flexible.

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