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Mercenary Breed

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I have all the Entropic Gaming System books, and Mercenary Breed is incorporated in the Sci-Fi add on of the EGS. Not sure about the setting, but I like the way the company is writing their stuff and think their settings are all well thought out.

So, without having seen the Mercenary Breed books but looking at the other things the company releases, it should be good and interesting.


If you buy it - please let us know how it is :)

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First I've heard of it. I don't keep tabs on Mongoose Pub these days, so I might not had ever heard of it. (And there was an earlier edition? MB 2.0 currently?).


Looks interesting, and I could be tempted to pick it up. But, I'd really need to read a couple of reviews before I broke out the credit card.

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And there was an earlier edition? MB 2.0 currently?


Looks like it was originally designed for Savage Worlds (I think that version 2.0 is also Savage Worlds).


Can't see much in the way of reviews, except for one by Andy Slack himself and that's only on what I presume was SW version 1.0:



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You can start with the Mercenaries Handbook, which contains everything you need to roll up Mercenaries. There are a few alien races and a neat way of generating a new alien race.


The Galaxy Guide is basically a GM's Handbook with descriptions of some planets and some scenarios.


The Xenopedia is a Monster manual of various alien species.

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Mercenary Breed needs a space combat system, vacuum damage, and zero g rules. The Cthulhu Rising monograph looks like it would be useful as a kind of supplement to the setting, as well as Soltakss's RQ Traveller/D20 mashup, or perhaps the M Space stuff when it has been converted to the Mythras/MRQ II/ Legend style o' things! ;)

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