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Eternal Realms coming soon!

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Hey all!

So a little while ago I signed a license with Mongoose to produce a non-OGC version of their d100 game called "Eternity Realms". This version has some rules changes, a more cinematic feel, a new type of magic called Nature Magic and a whole host of new spells.

Writing is complete and final artwork has been assigned. Once editing and artwork gets further along and a final release date is realized, I'll let you know!

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The game is actually "Eternity Realms" not "Eternal Realms"
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what is it about?

at this point it is more sandbox but the underlying theme is that all worlds or settings that are written for it are connected by Eternity Gates where you can move from one setting to the next as part of each individual setting.

If it is a Mongoose licensed product, its natural position is the Legend forum. This section is for the Chaosium version of the game.

That said, what peculiarities make the game more cinematic?

the main thing that makes it more cinematic are the increase in hp and a natural armour point mechanic that increase the survivability of characters. Also there a lot of playable races that players can choose from.


Why is it non-OGC? One of the strengths of Legend is that anyone can use the open content rules.

i wanted it to be non-ogc just so I could write what I'd like for it and not have to worry about seeing my material go all over other published books. It us completely compatible with Legend however.

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