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Post-Apocalypse Star Trek?


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I know we've got posters here who love post-apocalyptic drama and others who love space opera.  Here's a 19-episode radio drama, Star Trek:  The Lost Frontier.  Think MegaTraveller's broken Third Imperium applied to the Star Trek universe.  Set after Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, galactic civilization has been wrecked by a devastating plague that swept all races, even the Borg.  A certain Captain Trask is recruited by what remains of the Federation to oversee a mission aboard the Enterprise F to reunite former members and contact former alien allies and enemies.  Trask's  job is complicated by a resentful second officer, a sneaky Ferengi quartermaster, a Starfleet attache with an agenda of his own, scheming spies from a rival xenophobic Federation, intergalactic assassins and gangsters.  It is hard to determine friend from foe.  The current Enterprise is the height of Federation technology, but it is only one ship against the galaxy.

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Sounds pretty cool actually. I like events that take an established setting and shake it up a bit. This is why my favorite series of all time would be Babylon 5. The series at the end was completely different from the series at the beginning. Other shows contemporary with this one featured such drastic changes as... the growing of a beard.  ;-)

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