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Masks of Nylarthotep - Stuck in Cairo!


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I have cross posted this from the Yog-Sothoth forums, but I thought I would also post here as well to try my luck. This will only make sense to those who have run  the Masks Of Nylarthotep campaign:




I have been running quite a pulpy version of the MoN campaign, where the characters can pull of wild stunts etc (basically just liberal use of the BRP Fate rules option), so the game has been much more Indy Jones than purist Lovecraft. Been lots of fun so far


However I am having issues on what to do next. The characters are currently in Cairo, they have met Faraz Najir, Nigel Wasif, Dr Ali Kafour, and Warren Besart. 

They followed leads from Besart which led them to Nyiti El Wasta, and they have the Eye Of Light & Darkness.


In the last session we ended up in a particularly pulpy action scene wherein they were at the Mosque of Ibn Tulun during the chaos that ensured when cultists attacked it by summoning the Cthonian. The Mosque was partly destroyed, but the characters managed to escape.

One character, who is a con-man with dubious morality, actually looted the Mosque and now has the Sword of Akmallah, and also the Girdle of Nitrocris.


It was actually quite a fun episode, but now I am at a loss where to go to from here.

The characters have not yet met Omar Shakti (although they have heard about him), or the Clive Expedition. So these are obvious next steps, but I wonder if it is necessary to the campaign?

Would there be plot holes later on if they don't meet these parties or go to the pyramids?


They already have some shipping invoices and other leads which suggest Kenya may be the next location to follow, and to keep the pace of the campaign going it may be time they are chased out of Egypt once the cultists work out the characters have the Girdle.


I am just wondering how important is it that the Bent Pyramid of Dashur gets some screen time?

Even if the characters go there, Nitocris cannot be summoned unless the cultists steal back the Girdle, so unless that happens I have to be ready not to have Nitocris resurrected, and I am wondering if this impacts later in the campaign.

Is Nitocris's role pivotal to the Great Plan, or can it keep rolling without her return?


Due to my busy work and family commitments at present I am finding it difficult to get the time for the proper prep this next step of the campaign should take, and I just seem to be have difficulties with this stage.


Any input would be greatly appreciated

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It's been quite awhile since I've played or even looked at MoN but from what I remember Nitocros is only important for seeing Nyarlathotep in Egypt.

What I would do is go forward with the resurrection anyway. Even if the players know how important the girdle is you could throw in that the cultists have discovered another ritual to bring her back. You're the Keeper, bend the rules and campaign as required to make it fun for everyone. Yourself included!

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