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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying


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Has anyone converted this game setting to Magic World/BRP? Seems like all Warhammer needed to make it a totally kick ass fantasy game world was a game system like BRP!

I can't see it being that hard. Magic World almost invites that type of setting. You'd just have to reference other d100 games for stats on black-powder weapons and maybe get some d20 sources to get some ideas on various demons/devils to use.

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Now that's an idea - I'd be keen on working on something like this.

I've actually worked on a Careers type of character construction for one of my own MW settings...


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Easy touchstone would be translating all the career into Magic World Adventurer Occupations. Many of the character creation tables can be used directly.

I agree, but what about all the skills for making progress from basic to more advanced careers? Though you could fudge here and there, you'd end up having a lot of skill conversion and creation to do. I mean, Holy Moly, WHFP (1st ed) lists 133 skills to cater to various careers; MW has but 35 by comparison. Lots o'work there :-)

Hmmm...or...I dunno. I just called up my homebrew character sheets from my RQ III days. It actually had 74 skills listed when RQ III proper only described 30 some odd and suggested a few others to make it a grand total of 42. I wonder where I got those other skills? Hmmm...well, regardless, it would probably be more doable and less time consuming than I first thought.


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Sunwolfe, that would be the trick. Coming up with a mechanic which gives the flavor of the Warhammer career paths. Unless you thought that was a terrible part of the game, and you want to just use the excellent world setting materials provided by the original game. To be of much utility I would strive for simplicity over making it too complex.

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