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A Revolution for D100

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The rules for my cybernetics and resource points mechanics are both in the downloads section, last I checked.

The resource points mechanic is meant to work alongside the wealth mechanic's defined terms (You get certain starting resource points and "income" of resource points based on those terms as defined in Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying).

The Cybernetics mechanics are based on the idea of implants taking up "slots" depending on their cumbersomeness, but the cybernetics themselves are largely designed using a step by step process that determines their type (one of three boost types, combined with two or so types of implant, those being cybernetic and biological graft, combined with classification as a prosthetic or implant), their quality (Determines how likely they are to malfunction and their effectiveness), and what happens if they malfunction. The balancing methods included are meant to be selected by the GM, and include ideas based on Cyberpunk 2020's "Humanity", Shadowrun's "Essence", and a more directly Neuromancer inspired method where implants and prosthetics can conflict with each other sometimes, causing problems that make sense for the type of implant (and are listed with the malfunction results). I tried to design them primarily as cyberpunk optional rules, but I also tried to give them reasons to work with everything from steampunk automaton parts to manapunk golem grafts as well.

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