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The Chronicles of Future Earth


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I agree, as it was to be a product compatible with RQ6 anyway, it would have had nothing to do with Chaosium. I know Sarah and she is a VERY busy woman. I think it just comes down to time.


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Linkage: http://www.modiphius.com/forum.html#/20151120/chronicles-of-future-earth-5080688/

I might be getting ahead of myself, but my impression of the new CoFE was that the core fluff was pretty much worked out, and only lacked game mechanical details, polish and stamps. I hope she sticks to working it out with TDM, because that would be pretty awesome.

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5 hours ago, Baulderstone said:

I don't know if we can blame this one on the instability of the RQ line.

Maybe I was reading into the part where she wrote, "Right now with the changes at Chaosium we're taking a view on what system we're going to release the game for and will be working that out shortly."

Of course, she also says they're waiting on seeing how the trilogy of fiction performs... and AFAIK that isn't out yet.

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Well if its a Chaosium project then I guess it may use the upcoming RQ rules.

I would rather she produced it for the RQ6 rules myself.

The upcoming RQ rules will likely be Gloranthan-specific, whereas TDM already have a near-generic rule set just sitting there

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