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As mentioned elsewhere, AEON:core™ is intended to be the 16-page BRP of the AEON:n™ line. That's not to say it will be 16 pages (I highly doubt this, even if only because it will be in digest format), nor that it will only cover pre-modern eras. At present we are designing it to accommodate basic, character-focussed play in all Tech Aeons from neolithic to modern day. It's highly unlikely that vehicle (or aircraft or watercraft) rules will be included except perhaps as equipment items under the transportation category. We're not sure yet whether full life-path professions will be viable - probably not, but the alternative profession packets will be.

We are now primarily hammering out skills, with the intent of limiting their number as much as possible, but allowing rules for a wide range of application and effect.

The characteristics will be 7 familiar faces to everyone here, of course. :)

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There are 7 characteristics, which will be familiar to you all: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Size, Intelligence, Power, and Charisma. A:c will have a random generation method as standard, although other options will be included in the big(ger) A:e book.

Skills are relatively broad but based on the user's Tech Aeon - for example, Sword allows a character to handle any type of sword for his TA, Drive covers any vehicle that moves in two dimensions (on land or water). A:c has no special effects, but there are further options for A:e including criticals and fumbles, and skill specialisation.

Skill improvement is through 3 main routes: by experience, by learning from a tutor, or by practice and research.

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My, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well, my BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules Kickstarter should be ready to go in early 2017, and I have the next 2 weeks off for the express purpose of writing the AEON:core™ rules*, so hopefully there will be some action in this forum from now on. Once the A:c PDF is done, I'll be moving straight on to the first stand-alone game in the AEON:engine™ family of games, AEON:mageworld™ with the aid of another gentleman on these boards, name of Brett. ;)

* as well as the other seasonally-appropriate express purposes of eating, drinking, and watching videos, of course.

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