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Meanwhile in Switzerland....


Smiorgan receives his copy of the gorgeous Mournblade kit d'initiation...

This French rpg has already won me. I'm not going to stop with the starter set. There's a high risk I will buy all the beautiful books and boxes they have put out.

If people care, I will post info on this game as I go on reading and hopefully playing it.

Some basic info. It's not d100. And is not to be confused with the French edition of Mongoose Elric.

They initially had some connection with Mongoose, but when the Mongoose license expired, they got a license directly from Moorcock.




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Sneak peek. Alketa M'aban. Pan Tangian sorceress. One of the 11 pre-generated characters in the Mournblade starter set.


She's smoking a little pipe...dunno what herbs are inside. Each pregen has a full-page color illustration.

According to her first-person narrative she fears nothing. Except the smile of the demons she summons. But she also loves that smile...





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Ok, I was distracted by RQ6 ... and actually by work...but I'll go back to learning the Mournblade rules. First impression is that they are good and fit the setting but that you could play exactly the same kind of campaigns with MRQ2 Elric. In fact many parts of the system are inspired by MRQ2 Elric.

The game is meant for high-level campaigns. Players are not random dudes going to die in clakar infested Melnibonean towers. They are elect agents of the cosmic forces in the YK. They all start with an active pact to a cosmic power. And with de-humanising compulsions. The setting material has a very political and cospiratory take on the Law-Chaos struggle, which is called the "hidden war" - we are pre-Elric, after all. So it's more double-deals with corrupt merchant princes in Bakshaan rather than rampaging Pan-Tangians on tour. It feels a bit like Nephilim in the Young Kindoms, or Vampire.

Core mechanic is roll over TN, with a twist. You can be either cautious and roll 1d10+skill or reckless and roll 1d20+skill but all odd numbers are failures and 1, 11 are fumbles. This is called choose your dice system.



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First, thank you for bringing this to my attention!  I keep hearing that France has a very devoted following to our beloved game world.  Unfortunately, i don't read French! :(

Right off the top, i find the artwork questionable -but let me qualify that statement first!  It is kind of confusing having the old Elric + Stormbringer boxed edition picture on a game called Mournblade.  And why specifically is it even called Mournblade? Is this a special point in the lore in this interpretation? Licensing or marketing conflict? The Pan Tangian sorceress -nice picture, but to me it does not capture a Pan Tangian at all.  However, these days any decent art in a rpg book is a huge plus, so please understand my criticism is a soft one!  We are starving for art, and so regardless of what criticism i may say with my tongue or type on screen, I take whatever RPG art i can get and say Thank You! :)

Could you share anything about the nuances of it's world lore?  

The mention of a French Young Kingdoms game brings my memories back to the summer of '98 when i had a very interesting internet exchange with an enthusiastic Frenchman who had been working on Dharzi material for a good while.  In spite the language barrier, he seemed as genuinely as excited as i was to make contact with a fellow Moorcock fan with such an irrational degree of interest in such an obscure point of Young Kingdom world lore. Said Frenchman sent me a lengthy monograph but i'm sure a few of you remember how translator programs back then worked, and it is unlikely i grasped 20% of the document.  What i did understand contained some beautifully surreal imagery, & conflict of epic proportion.  My apparent doom to play the part of Captain Obvious meant that  I never had the insight to just hire some one to translate his French to English for me, since i was working at school, and living on campus at the time! ;0  I would be very surprised to find it still among my belongings after so many years & so many moves!  


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