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3 hours ago, clarence said:

Well, I really wasn't after proving an opinion right and everyone else wrong. Sorry if it came across like that. 

You gave your thoughts on the matter. I gave mine. I see nothing to apologize for. I hope I didn't come off as rude to you either. It's just that the women I game with actually like art of the variety on the cover, but this isn't an issue I am going to lose sleep over. 

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11 hours ago, clarence said:

And by the way Paolo, when will you show us the final cover?

When one of the artists has finished drawing it ;) But given that I have not yet determined which artist, if I were you, I would not hold my breath.

That said, let us all lobby Rod together: the wardrobe malfunction table must be in the next edition of Classic Fantasy.

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For today's update we might talk about fatigue and armour and other crunchy details. But I think we have already given you enough food for thought. From now on, I will try and provide you some interesting examples of characters you might want to play in a Revolution game. Let us start with everyone's favourite pulp hero.

Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr.

STR 15 CON 18 DEX 19 INT 18 WIL 15 CHA 14

Might +1, Toughness 9, Life Points 33, Strike Rank 19

Skills:  Athletics (Climb, Dodge, Jump, Roll, Swim, Take Cover, Whip Stunts] 97%, Close Combat [Brawl, Knife, Whip, Whip Disarm] 84%, Communication [Hindi, Arabic, Greek, Teach] 62%, Drive [Car, Motorcycle] 67%, Knowledge [Ancient History, Archaeology, Written Sanskrit/Latin/Jewish/Greek/Arabic] 96%, Operate [Mechanisms] 67%, Perception [Search] 63%, Pilot [Airplane, Motorboat] 67%, Ranged Combat [Revolver, +2 DEX] 68%, Ride [Camel, Horse, Llama] 63%, Survival [Affluent Resources, Desert, Jungle, Streetwise, +1 CON] 63%.

Motivations: I'm as good as my father when it comes to knowledge and skill 90%; Don't hate me, baby, but duty calls me elsewhere 40%; Nazis, Commies, no matter the name, I hate all those bastards 54%; In real archaeology, X does not mark the spot 30%.

Weapon                     Cost       Damage              Notes
Fist                             2            1d2+1d2
Whip                           5            1d3+1d2              Entangle
M1917 .45 revolver       3             1d6+3d2              Impale (effect)

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This is the updated table of contents for Revolution D100. Do not be intimidated by the number of subsections for chapters 4, 5 and 6, the core section is #3 and it contains as much rules materials as the others. I have just specified the number of plug-ins for the crunchy chapters to show everyone what sub-systems will be in the core book. In addition, the “Advanced Design” sections are by no means exhaustive; you will find many more information in future setting books.

Revolution D100 Table of Contents

1. Character creation

2. Skills and Traits

2a. Character Improvement

3. Adventuring

4. Basic Combat

4a. Advanced Hi-tech Combat

4b. Advanced Fantasy Combat

4c. Advanced Vehicular Combat

4d. Advanced Aerial/Space Combat

5. Equipment

5a. Advanced Hi-tech Weapon Design

5b. Advanced Fantasy Weapons and Armour Design

5c. Advanced Vehicle Design

6. Powers

6a. Divine magic

6b. Arcane magic

6c. Psionics

6d. Alchemy and Weird Science

6e. Power List

7. Creatures

The underlined sections are complete and more or less finalized; the others are undergoing revision for the upcoming release of November 15.


And now, here is another favourite hero of all times. This is the old Merrie England version, updated for Revolution. For the new, Robyn Hode version you will have to wait for the new Merrie England.

Robin Hood

STR 15 CON 16 DEX 18 INT 16 WIL 18 APP 18

Might +1, Toughness 8, Strike Rank 17, Life Points 34

Skills: Athletics [Acrobatics, Dodge] 84%, Communication [Etiquette, Insight, Oratory, Noble Status, English Language, Norman Language] 84%, Close Combat [Brawl, Dagger, Shield, Staff, Sword] 93%, Knowledge [Literacy, Sherwood] 62%, Ride [Horse] 76%, Stealth [Hide, Sleight] 84%, Perception [Spot, Track] 84%, Ranged Combat [Bow, Marksmanship Stunt] 126%, Survival [England, Forest] 74%.

Armour: Leather jerkin, boots and gauntlets 2/2+

Weapon               SR   Cost     Damage    Par    Rng    Effects
Broadsword           23     6/3     1d6+1d2    3                    Slash (auto), Impale (advantage)
Quarterstaff           25     8/2     1d4+2d2    4            
Long Bow              28    10/-     1d6+2d2             300(L)   Impale (effect)

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In case anyone was wondering how Revolution behaves in a sci-fi and cyberpunk environment, here you have another all-time favourite from the 80s. And I stress that it is the 1987 version, the one and only

Officer Alex Murphy, "ROBOCOP"

STR 30 CON 13 DEX 17 INT 14 WIL 18 CHA 9

Might +4, Toughness 13, Life Points 31, Strike Rank 17

Skills:  Athletics [Dodge, Roll, Take Cover] 70%, Close Combat [Brawl] 87%, Communication [Insight, Intimidate, Language: English, Detect Truth Stunt] 63%, Drive [Car, Motorcycle] 71%, Knowledge [Law Enforcement, Literacy: English] 73%, Operate [Computer Terminal, Net Infiltration Stunt] 61%, Perception [Search, Infrared Vision Stunt] 62%, Ranged Combat [Pistol, Rifle, AT Weapon, Cybernetic Aim Stunt] 94%, Survival [Detroit Area, Streetwise] 57%.

Motivations: Part man, part machine, all cop 90%; Longs for lost life and family 50%; Conflict between duty and loyalty to OCP 60%.

Innate Powers: Cybernetic (does not lose Life Points for fatigue and wounds); Extra Toughness 2; Resist [Radiation, Electricity, Heat/Cold] 2.

Armour: Bionic body and limbs 16/all; Human Head with helmet 16/1+; no Encumbrance.

Weapons                       SR         Cost          Damage             Notes
Fist                                  17           3             1d4+4d2
Net interface                   17           3             1d3+4d2              Impale (effect)
9mm automatic               17           3             1d6+3d2              Impale (effect), burst 3 shots

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UPDATE 22-FEB-2016

We have been a little bit off the radar for the last few weeks. This is not due to the project being on hold. On the contrary, there have been much work and fewer announcements.

The situation is as follows:

-      We are a few weeks beyond schedule, but that was a known risk, given the limited resources; I can force marches and release in May, but this would mean skipping an important “backer feedback” phase which has barely begun, and this is absolutely not what was in the plans;

-      We are close to a new major release of the draft for the backers; more details will follow below;

-      Merrie England: Robyn Hode is essentially ready, I have a complete manuscript here; some details will probably need a revision, as Simon has worked on a version of the draft that was later superseded, but it is all minor points in the stats; and I am absolutely in favour of having elements of the rules change in particular settings, so we might even keep the differences;

-      Olivier and a number of backers have provided important feedback which will be integrated in the final book; thanks to all!

-      I am considering the addition, or maybe even the integration if it fits, of a short high-fantasy setting that might work as an example.

The next release will have the objective of being as complete as possible mechanics-wise, that is of having every piece of the rules polished to the point that we are sure it works correctly with the other rules parts. Some sub-systems had not been tested together, and playtesting has shown that some details needed changes. Modularity is one of our main design goals, and we must make sure that people can plug elements in and out without undesired effects. I have also started to mark specific sections of the rules with icons to help readers identify the parts that are relevant to their game. Apart from being smoother, the game now has fully fleshed out power subsystems, and can handle steampunk nicely (tried!), plus a few more details that help make the core rules interesting.

This will not be the final version of the draft. A further major re-hash is planned. However, this last rewrite will have a different goal: clarity. Which means that backers must have the “final-but-not-polished” manuscript available to remark what parts are hard to understand.

While I am away this week, I will leave you the time to give feedback about what to do next. There are two possible choices:

-      Go on for some more weeks and integrate some non-essential but useful extra elements (vehicle rules, monsters, the setting, cults, etc.) before releasing the new draft;

-      Release now in order to have more feedback.

What do you people think?

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I think you should take a few more weeks to add the extras. Seeing the rules in full will be nice : )

Oh, and good job Paolo! I really appreciate the work you are putting into this. If you are a few weeks late is of no importance. Take your time. A Revolution is always right on time, waiting for the perfect moment. 

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Odd Soot  Science Fiction Mystery in the 1920s

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Speaking about modularity, did you think about combat rules between the basic one and the advanced one ? For exemple, using the basic combat with Action Ranks + advanced damage + toughness, but without the hit locations or the Life Points ? It seems it could work. Did you test it ?

Wind on the Steppes, role playing among the steppe Nomads. The  running campaign and the blog


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On 23/2/2016 at 5:04 PM, Zit said:

Speaking about modularity, did you think about combat rules between the basic one and the advanced one ? For exemple, using the basic combat with Action Ranks + advanced damage + toughness, but without the hit locations or the Life Points ? It seems it could work. Did you test it ?

Hit Locations are optional even in advanced combat.

Action rank is designed to replace damage, not to complement it. It is not a coincidence if it includes CON. I doubt it would work well with a system that includes damage rolls.

Using Toughness without life points is a sure way to make combat drag. I have seen it clearly in playtesting when facing undead, who do not lose Life Points when wounded: it takes forever to take down a mummy. Which is ok for a mummy, but not for someone who can still breathe and bleed.

The elements of advanced combat are synergic. Using only some of them will have unpredictable results. The lack of an "in-between" system is intentional: if someone wishes to run combat in a simple but more classic way, the best solution is to just use the OpenQuest rules. I had thought of such an option but it would end up as a rewrite of OQ. Which I have no interest in doing.

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On 24/2/2016 at 0:02 PM, xalabin said:

I get a mail from ulule but i don't realize where to answer it.

It is about "Next Move for Revolution D100 UPDATE 22-FEB-2016"


Same here. And when I click on "Voir plus" at the bottom of the e-mail I get on a "Page introuvable" site.

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Hello backers,

After one final round of playtest at FG CON 8, we are now approaching the time of release of the first "release candidate" of the Revolution D100 SRD. We are somehow late with this step, but all feedback received so far says that backers are happy if the game is "delayed but good".

Most core subsystems have been playtested in the last few months, and after some adjustments we made they are now stable. Some backers have taken the core concept of generic conflicts and used in their own campaigns, adapting it and integrating it into other D100 rulesets. They sounded rather happy of the result, and this is very encouraging because it means that the core rules are flexible and adaptable to different genres and styles of play.

In particular, I wish to highlight this post of the backer Clarence on BRP Central, where he discusses some experiments he has done. The results are very interesting, indeed.

A consolidated version of the SRD is thus probably coming within end of April 2016, possibly accompanied by a Fantasy Grounds library that allows FG users to play online. Expect some public online demo outside of FG Con, too.

Some users have provided useful feedback about clarity of the rules and other aspects that we have tried to integrate in the SRD. At least one further iteration of the SRD is planned to make the rules easier to understand once they are finalised, plus the normal editing step. Nevertheless, if there are suggestions you wish to make before the "release candidate" SRD is distributed, I invite you to do so: we will try to integrate your suggestion in the current iteration, if possible.

Thanks again to all backers,


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The original plan was "before Summer", but we are already a couple of months late according to the original schedule - with all backers pressuring us to "do it right" rather than "do it quickly". We will start thinking about the graphics in May, but consider that the soon-to-come SRD must still be teared apa... I mean, tested by the backers, then we have revisions, editing, etc. etc., which will take months. All this assuming that the SRD is well received and the backers - who are also those players who give us feedback - do not require some major rehash of the proposed rules, which is always a possibility.

So the answer is "probably within 2016".

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