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So I'm interested in seeing folks Grimoires that they've made up and how they interpret the rules governing them. There were several helpful threads over on the old Glorantha.com site which I'll link to in a moment.

Here's one used by a character of mine a Sword Sage called Deep Derik 

Grimoire, run off his Law Rune: The incredibly, amazing, magical apparatus of Senior Librarian/Explorer G'nu. “It does stuff” +1 (a fragment of the Torvald Fragments)
*I know what you do now (Analyse magic)
*Stop being so stupid (Dismiss Confusion)
*Ah ha gotcha! (Reveal Secret)
*Stranger danger (Resist Godless Sorcery)

His Lunar side kick also had one

The Forty-Nine stratagems (Death and Darkness) +1
*Divide and Conquer (1pt)
*Terrify foes (1pt)
*Strike hard and fast (1pt)

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I put together this grimoire for my Esrolian/Esvulari warlock.

Grimoire: Earnalda's Calendar of Magicks

This grimoire contains spells pertaining to the earth and earth cycle. Spells include:

○ Plough through Earth (earth, movement)

○ Shatter Bones of Earth  (earth, disorder)

○ Mend Body with Earth  (earth, harmony)

○ Hide Treasure in Earth (earth, fate)

○ Draw Endurance from Earth (earth, stasis)

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