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34 minutes ago, Bill the barbarian said:

Hm well, this photo goes back to the days when they employed a couple of RQ greats, Rudy Kraft and Paul Jaquays (and one would hope have been a little more open minded).

Hopefully Bob B. #1 didn't hold quite such appalling views as Jr (and JrJr?).  Or at least he had the wit to keep any such a little more to himself, if he did.

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I am sorry to hear about Judges Guild products. But on another note it brings up other information that I have observed over the years on copyright and trademarks. There has been legal wrangling on several Game systems. Jeff Dee and Jack Herman vs. Fantasy Games Unlimited and more recent Tracy Hicks and Margret Weissman vs. WoTC (Hasbro) on Dragonlance. (Hasbro was also the Copyright/Trademark {+/-) holder during the Runequest hiatus). There were others, but I seem to remember that one of the discoveries made a point of stating that a game system could not be copyrighted, but created names, places, maps, worlds, name of spells, etc are the exclusive rights of the creators/publishers. I am not a lawyer, so if you do decide to do something about what I am thinking, make sure you do your own research on the subject. Or follow the guide lines of whichever rules system's SRD you choose to do this in. That would include publishers Guidelines. 


Judges Guild RQ Adventures followed a very simple pattern. Their products supplied the DM/Players a map marked with locations by letters/numbers, which corresponded with descriptions which had treasures, encounters (pre-rolled) with additional treasures/encounters that the DM would roll before each adventure fleshing out the players 'Heroes Journey'. When you check out many of the early Dungeons and Dragons adventures you find some of this same pattern.

For anyone who does not have any old modules or does not want to buy new ones, you may check out Dragonfoot website: https://www.dragonsfoot.org/ Modules are free, there are no D100 modules listed, but there are a few alternate type character sheets. Also blank map sheets to use to map your own Campaign.

Judges Guild Pattern.

The pattern usually follows:

Map. Buildings, local area (forest/plaza/road, etc.)

Marked with letter/number: J-1, B-5, etc. on map.

Followed with a section on Corresponding letters/numbers with either nothing or pre-positioned treasure, encounter or a few times a trap. At the back there was listing of random encounters or treasures that the DM could place where the DM wished. The DM could also place new spells, treasures or creatures of their creation.

A great resource for beginning Dungeon Masters/Rune Masters is the Mythras Encounter Generator: https://mythras.skoll.xyz/ which allows you to create encounters and creatures prior to running an adventure. Or take an existing module, find a similar creature/monster/race and create a corresponding encounter.


If anyone reading this wishes to add an observation that I missed please add, as I like to learn and get feedback on how accurate it is. Thanks.

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On 1/8/2022 at 6:54 PM, Diana Probst said:

The God Learners podcast recently broke news of a Culbrea RQG book, written by some of the Beer With Teeth crew, that's in the process of being submitted to Chaosium - the final MS is probably getting handed over this week.

Great news !

I have been working for some time on the Elk clan as a good place to begin a campaign for new characters. I can't wait to see what you say about the Culbrea tribe.

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