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Eiritha’s Sons Campaign (RQ6)


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I run a biweekly Glorantha campaign, using RuneQuest 6, at my FLGS, ‘Dan’s Books and Games’ in Cobourg, ON. I’ll post updates here, on Facebook, G+ and the Design Mechanism forums.

The characters are:

Dread: a Pavisite thief who sadly never knew his father (although everyone else apparently did)

Vicious: a Praxian zebra rider and initiate of Waha (and who carries his surrogate father’s spirit with him in his cloak and spear)

Erick: an Orlanthi initiate from Sartar (who seems to be incredibly unlucky)

Jaldon: an Agimori who has also initiated to Waha and taken the name Jaldon in honour of Jaldon Goldentooth (and is a fine, upstaning warrior)

See, Listen, Speak: a Beaked dragonewt from Dragon’s Eye, atoning for a heinous bout of Wrong Action many lifetimes ago (and who counts a grain of sand as one of his best friends)

The characters are heading through Prax and towards Esrolia. Having spent several days in The Dead Place, they discovered and defeated a nest of Vivamort cultists (who nearly butchered the entire party) and encountered the remains of a Jrusteli War Spell laboratory located in a remote chasm. Investigating said laboratory in a bid to wipe out remaining vampires, two of the party were infected with dreadful, Living Spells, and inadvertently brought back to life the God Learner sorcerer and Zistorite exile Loric Nygh. Loric Nygh now occupies the twisted, Cronenberg-esque body that incorporates two doomed lovers, and he is all the more malevolent for it. The party have managed to escape the sorcerer, taking his silver torc (resplendent with the runes of Law, Mastery, Death and Fate) and are now hot-footing it towards Jaldon’s Rest where they intend to make some more concrete plans.

Pursuing them at a leisurely pace is Gimgim the Grim, eager to punish them for a double-cross in Pavis and at Duke Raus’s stronghold. Will he catch them? Who knows… but wouldn’t it be just terribly bad luck if he and Loric Nygh chanced upon each other and formed an unholy alliance. It would?

Oh, goody...

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