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Chapter 7: CREATURES


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37 minutes ago, Zit said:

A lion shall be class L (around 200kg, according to Wikipedia)

Lion is size M in the chapter draft. Referring to the other thread... Lions do have pronounced sexual dimorphism. Actually male lions should be L and lionesses M (around 130 kg).

By the way I would prefer size class to be numerical rather than a letter. Just for quick comparison. In RQ6 it is annoying to have to memorize how many size classes an Enormous weapon is bigger than a Large one.


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The Terror Bird is Large, so that 14 is in fact a 24. STR 10 means "average STR for its size", it is not an absolute value. The Brown Bear is "average for Large Size", which means beyond the range of a normal human.

The M Size Class assigned to the lion, on the other hand, should probably be upgraded to L. The sexual dimorphism of lions and lionesses is regulated by adjusting STR, not SIZ Class: the male lion has 4d6, the female 3d6. This changes both Might and Toughness.

In general, Size Class gives you the rough estimate of "how big it is" and STR takes into account individual and gender variations. The fact that the average lioness is as big as the biggest human (I am not counting Andre the Giant - Mike Tyson and Hulk Hogan are in the 110-130 range) does not make her "a Size class smaller than a male", just weaker.

All these changes and adjustments will be in the final version of the bestiary, as well as the slight variations to obtain other felines from the lion stats, and the various species of bears. Kodiaks and polar bears, for instance, are so big that they are XL.

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