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Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

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14 hours ago, jeffjerwin said:

A tentative comment: total calories may be important as well: Tusker lard is probably going to go further than ostrich meat (which, if like chicken, has about 2/3rds the calories), even more than weight would indicate. Pork and beef have a similar number of calories; mutton has more calories than either (250 versus 200 than beef for 3 oz. of meat).

True, but I'm wary of going into too much detail, as Gloranthans won't consider calories, vitamins and trace elements, all of which are important in the modern world.

From what I've been able to research most animals provide approximately 40-55% of their weight in edible meat, if butchered correctly; herd men and oxen are exceptions (humans aren't very good meat sources, and oxen have been bred domestically to increase yield).

One animal I missed out in the list was the rhino - living weight 3500-4500 lbs. edible meat probably about 45% because of the weight and thickness of the hide.


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WRT Prax in particular, I would expect animals that are party to the Covenant in the prey/grazer role to provide more nutrition to Covenant parties in the hunter/herder role than would otherwise be the case, just as the Covenant grazers are better able to be sustained by the limited resources of the chaparral than foreign animals like horses.  

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