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This is the first cult write up. Rites (also called Forms) are the Soul (Divine) magic spells. Soul Magic can be pretty powerful at higher magnitudes as it uses the Aura of the character as a base for its power. For instance Healing/Harming Rite 2 would heal or harm 50% (rounded up) of the character's AUR, but only costs 2mp. Although rites are paired, it is possible to teach only one part of the rite. For example, the Cult of the Nine Crones teaches the Exorcism rite, but not the associated Possession rite. Heathen Gods (also called Daemon (pr. Day-mune) ) are the second tier of gods for Skaerune'. These are the gods that manifested from the spirit world or from powerful mortals turned myths or brought with those who came to Skaerune' with the appearance of their city in the world. 

Cult of Nine Crones

When the Old Man came to the land that would house the First City, nine women came with him. They were more than consorts to him; they were teachers and protectors of the people who followed him. Over time each of the Crones became wife or consort to a powerful god of the Old World. Indeed the First Crone, Ebelle, married the sun (Palas) and resides with him in the sky. In many ways the Nine are seen as the true leaders of the First City as the Old Man was often away on his adventures. Each of the nine districts of Kepaya Luki is named for one of the Crones and the Temple of the Nine dominates the city, such as it is.

This cult is arguably the first Heathen cult although those who follow the White Dragon argue that in fact their cult was the first. Whoever was first is irrelevant however, as it is the Cult of the Nine who set the tone for what a southern Heathen cult looks like in form and function. They are typically powerful social forces built around central temples and the Nine Crones is no different.

Cult Power: Heathen God

Worshipers. The Cult is divided into two groups of people. Those born in the lands of the First City are the orthodox community, holding to the old traditions of the cult. The second group are those in other lands, mostly women, who see the Nine as powerful feminine symbols. They value traditions less as those are not their traditions and concentrate on philosophical ideals of behavior and the role of women in history and present society. In an ironic twist, several female Rakshasa have begun to patronize new temples of the Nine in their own domains. As a general rule the Nine do not have any enemy cults, save the Cult of Vhos who see women and females as dumb animals. The two cults have engaged in holy wars from time to time since Vhos manifested in the later stages of the Second City's reign.

Duties of the Faithful. Worshipers of the Nine are expected to be community leaders and create families. Above all they put their community before themselves, even their close family and children. The clergy act as public servants as well counselors and advocates. Any skill that can help the community is accepted as a gift to the Nine. All are required to celebrate a high mass on each of the nine feast days. No hungry, poor, or wounded person is turned away regardless of their religious beliefs.

The Ordained. Those who are clergy of the Nine eschew the common titles of their position and follow a set of titles of their faith. All are known as “Husbands” even if they are female. To become an Adept, one must have Religion (Nine Crones) at 40% and one other skill of use to the community at 50%. Each additional level requires 10% more knowledge in Religion(Nine Crones) and an additional skill of 50%. In this way the priesthood is kept flexible, well rounded, and learned.

  • Seventh Husband (Adept)

  • Sixth Husband (Acolyte)

  • Fifth Husband (Ordained)

  • Fourth Husband (Priest)

  • Third Husband (Oracle)

  • Second Husband (Hierophant) – There are only nine of these in the faith, on for each Crone.

Rites. The Cult of the Nine has the following rites:

Major (6pt) Rites: Heal – Harm; Bless – Curse; Consecrate – Desecrate; Offer Communion – Excommunicate

Minor (4pt) Rites: See – Obscure; Enhance – Decay; Exorcise; Summon – Banish; Divine Intervention



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4 hours ago, Trifletraxor said:

I like where Skaerune is heading. Do you have any idea what the final page count for the book will be?

Thanks :)

Well a lot depends on how big the basic bestiary is. I do want enough info for people to play in the world without the setting weighing things down. Plus a large magic chapter with decent spell list. I would like it all to be right around 100 pages, 96 to 108 or so. That is what I am aiming for. Well also depends on art. Could be less without art. 

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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So this is the cult of Tuon, one of a few "Death" gods. Tuon is a god of the Old World, the world as it was before the coming of the First City. He is therefore Timeless and in theory cannot be destroyed. (A theory put to the test more than once for various gods.) The Gods of the Old World are the most powerful associated with the world.

Cult of Tuon

Before the coming of the First City and even before the coming of the Caretakers, there was Tuon. He Who Speaks for the Dead was one of the many powerful entities who had helped to shape the world. Tuon is a dark figure but he is not “evil” as many would like to believe. He enjoys punishing those who took life for granted, but treats gently those who savored the moments, whether successful or not. Tuon does not judge how one lives as much as he judges IF one lived life to the person's full potential. If they have he may have them spend time in the Shadowald around the comforting fires teaching those who need life lessons. Then after a time release them to the Morninglands to find their way back to Skaerune' or go forward to the Last Sky. The cult focuses on proper burial rights to ensure the spirit will make its way to the correct place, good or ill. Tuon is also no friend to necromancers and treats them harshly when they die and come into his domain.

Cult Power: God of the Old World

Worshipers. The faithful of Tuon are a mixed lot, cutting across all the cultures of the world. From all different walks of life, races, and classes they come to the dark shrines and pray for ancestors or themselves. Community leaders will often call on them to hunt down rogue necromancers or destroy an infestation of undead. Many of those who venerate other gods also venerate Tuon.

Duties of the Faithful. One must live life to the fullest by both living for today and planning for tomorrow. That is most basic tenet of the faith. Additionally, funeral rites must be preserved and handed down from generation to generation. Then they must be executed precisely by those conducting the burials (or pyres or what have you).

The Ordained. Those who are clergy of Tuon use the common titles of their position around others or in general conversation, but wear masks and use those titles with one another. To become an Adept, one must have Religion (Tuon) at 50% and Ritual at 50%. Each additional level requires 5% more knowledge in Religion(Tuon) and in Ritual.

  • Chosen of the Red Mask (Adept)

  • Chosen of the Blue Mask (Acolyte)

  • Chosen of the Green Mask (Ordained)

  • Chosen of the Brown Mask (Priest)

  • Chosen of the Black Mask (Oracle)

  • Chosen of the White Mask (Hierophant)

Rites. The Cult of Tuon has the following rites:

Special Rites: Dissipate Spirit

Major (6pt) Rites: Heal – Harm; Bless – Curse; Consecrate – Desecrate; Offer Communion – Excommunicate; See – Obscure; Enhance – Decay; Possess – Exorcise; Summon – Banish; Divine Intervention - Divine Reproach;

Minor (4pt) Rites: (none)



Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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One thing to note, the Nature Gods or Weird Gods will use Weird magic in their cults, while the Old and Heathen Gods as well as the Angelic and Demonic beings' cults will use Soul Magic. I know this is all still gobble dee gook in some ways. 

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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