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Brainstorming: Stormbringer+RQ2= Stormbuller!

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Just an idea I might try for quick old-school one shots in Pavis/ Prax or for faster RQ2 solo gaming:

Stormbringer rules (1 to 4, does not matter much which) + RQ2 magic and cults = 


A fast and brutal old school game of Gloranthan goners battling Chaos and being stabbed in Pavis' back-alleys.

Books Needed:

- Stormbringer 4th edition (or earlier)

- RQ2

- Cult Compendium (or the original RQ2 cult books)

- Pavis, Big Rubble, Borderlands etc.

Monster conversions on the fly. May use MagicWorld to eyeball rolled armor of creatures.

Convert spells on the fly if need be.

Initiates gain Elan as per Stormbringer rules.

Elementals may use more open-ended Stormbringer-ish rules.

Might create characteristic bonuses for Gloranthan human cultures as in Stormbringer for YK.

Use Stormbringer professions without adaptation: Priest becomes Initiate

Non-humans have RQ2 characteristics.





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I'd say pure Glorantha. No plane hopping. My idea is mostly having a rules light version of RQ2 that still feels old school and converts on the fly during play.

Of course, Stormbringer demon rules could be used to generate lots of chaos creatures,

Actually, I also want something that is readily available in Italian. Unfortunately RQ2 and RQ3 were never translated in italian. The old school flavors of d100 available in Italian are Stormbringer and original BRP Magic World. Both could work for a lighter RQ2. I slightly prefer Stormbringer 

MRQ2 and RQ6 are also available in Italian - great games, but they are neither old school nor rules light. OpenQuest is available in Italian and is as rules light as it gets, but not enough old school...

You see the main purpose is just to tinker... :D



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I pretty much did this. I ran the River of Cradles (RQ3) campaign and pasted a chunk of Prax geography (flora, fauna, tribes, cults etc) right into underexplored southern Nehwon, using Elric! rules. I didn't have much material about Big Rubble at the time, but I can see how it and Pavis could be a glorious sandbox. Some things changed of course -- in my case the wider Lunar Empire became a lot smaller and more constrained (i imagined it as a mountain-based kingdom like the Inca). But it was great fun.

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