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What to introduce next for Glorantha noobz


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I'm picking up on a Savage Worlds powered Glorantha game I've been running sporadically (well, twice) and am coming to the end of the old school tour of Duke Raus' lands.  So far we've had Agimori, Morskanth, Tusk Riders, Newtlings, animal Nomads, sneering Lunars etc. and the obvious next step is more widespread cult activity and / or Chaos.  Specifically Broos. There are Trolls in the Big Rubble and someone needs to rub a Dragonnewt up the wrong way (so to speak).

Are there any other big-hitters to get introduced do you think?  If you were introducing new people to the setting what else would you bring to the party?  What are the key showpieces that you would just have to show the players?  We haven't got a five year campaign to burn through or unlimited attention span, so if you were running a game for new players what would you want to get across in say 1-3 sessions that were the really good bits of Glorantha*?



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There are dwarfs in the Big Rubble - always good to bring in - as well as the aldryami there.  And both those Elder Races hate the trolls - you can't please all of them!

Lots of chaos options besides broos.  The old Shadows on the Borderlands material was a great extension for the original Borderlands.  Muriah is back with several broo gangs seeking vengeance/destruction on Duke Raus.  And there are deeper caverns from whence you can get Gorp, or Thanatar cultists, or Krarshtkids, or sinister Ogres or whatever other horror you want to bring in. 

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If in doubt, terrorise a caravan or settlement with a Dragon.

Then if the PCs manage to fend it off, mess with their heads and tell them that wasn't a Dragon; it was just a Dragon dreaming.

It gets them every time

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" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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If they liked Borderlands, run them through the minicampaign: Troubled waters. You can find it in the book "River of Cradles", now sadly out of print. But this will introduce them to the major regions and players in the Zola Fel valley, namely: the island of Corflu and the Zola Fel cult, Sun County and the Yelmalio cult, the Big Rubble in Pavis and the forces of Chaos. Plus, it has broos!

After that, they need to hate the Lunar army... And that's the beginning of another campaign.

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Ducks (Durulz). Have the ducks start every sentence or end every sentence with 'Quack'. Your players will hate ducks or be fascinated with the concept of living, talking ducks. Either way they will not forget ducks in Glorantha.

There is a discussion on http://forum.rpg.net/archive/index.php/t-270411.html

 ducks in Glorantha with some ideas to go with adventuring them.

For bad guys I have always liked Scorpion men and Broos, with an occasional gorp or dragonsnail with chaos traits to shake up the players with what they know and what they think they know.

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16 hours ago, jajagappa said:

Of course, if you really want to be nasty, there's nothing like a Walktapus for some fun, especially when the severed tentacles start to regrow into more walktapi. :huh:

Ooh good call.  I'd forgotten about them and nothing says old school Glorantha like a regenerating Walktapus!

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