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Charts and Tables for RQ6


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Here is an update to Gloranthan and Eastern Weapons charts for RQ6. It contains new formatting and some new weapons for Gloranthan (Lunar and Fonritian weapons).

RQ6 Charts and Tables 

Here are some charts that I made that have been useful for my Rq6 campaign.

Added a small chart for combat flow and pointers to relevant rules sections based on great discussion in the design mechanism forums in here 

The Combat Special Effects for Offensive combines all the special effects for the offensive one quick reference to see what you can do when hitting something.

The Combat Special Effects for Defensive does the same for defensive.

Healing and Wounds in RQ6 covers what happens to you when you get a wound and how to recover.

Diminish Effect On Characteristics has the goods on what can that pesky diminish spell do to you or your opponent.

Here is an update to Gloranthan and Eastern Weapons charts for RQ6 that has current understanding how lunar, dwarves, elves, dragonewts and easterners weapons work in RQ6.

Brief chart for shields, passive blocking from RQ6, AiG, Mythic Britain and Monster Island


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RQ6 GM Screen Update: Offensive and Defensive Special Effects

Here is a quick update on my path towards a RQ6 GM Screen. Herein are portrait versions of Offensive and Defensive Special Effects.

Here are the rest of the charts for RQ6 - including Healing and Wounds, Shields and Weapon tables.


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You are welcome...

Here is an example how to setup the charts that I have created to a folder for easy reference. The order has been created on a likely reference order that people usually would need the charts. Everything that is likely to be referenced at the same time is put on the same spread - so when you open the page you see for example all offensive special effects at the same time.


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