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Going forward with OpenQuest in 2016

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13 minutes ago, jux said:

The cosmology would be needed for a campaign game, indeed. I have never played any horror campaign though. Only few session adventures which usually end badly or very badly for the characters.

I was assuming a campaign setting and interconnected adventures... but I like self-contained 'one-shots' as well. So less need to be consistent... like say a collection of horror-themed adventures that focused on certain creatures/situations. Maybe stated for more than one system, like the good old days.

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5 hours ago, Ruprecht said:

I wouldn't mind seeing more monster books. Instead of OQ horror perhaps a monster book filled with horrific/demonic beasts. 

Maybe also with a section on making monsters, because that's what I end up doing anyway (when I'm not making humans or stock monsters weird/creepy despite their familiarity).

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