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Classic Runequest Encounter generator

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Hi Guys 

I'm not sure if this has been asked before on this forum but does anyone know if anybody is developing a Runequest 2 (Classic) Encounter Generator along the lines of the suberb Runequest 6 generator.


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Thanks for the kind words. As regards Classic RQ Generator - not to my knowledge.

At the moment I feel it would not make much sense as there is new version of RQ coming out next year.  With good will - the Rq6 encounter generated stuff can be used in Rq2 but if you want true fidelity it would need the rules in...

There used to be old RQ generator that had 23 enemies but was not user extensible and has not been updated in many years. It was done for MRQ and RQ3.  I am not and was not involved with that. 

Skoll (the developer of RQ6 Generator) might comment more. 

After a generator knows the rules - it needs to have the content. Currently there exists Magic World Generator that is derivative of RQ6 Generator. It has crowdsourced 34 templates of which 10 are coming from the Rq6 generator team.  There is one contributor who has contributed more than 10 templates. It has been used to generate 1300 foes in two months it has been in existence. 

Rq6 Encounter Generator has 2135 templates and it has been used to generate 133680 foes so far since the statistics feature has existed. It has had 52 public contributors of the templates of which 12 have contributed more than 10 templates.  There are many contributors who have not published their templates and are using them for just their own game. 

If any other encounter generator would exist it should have steady long term contributors or lots of contributors for it to form a critical mass for it to be useful. 

I will be adding content for Rq6 generator as is normal, currently looking at Fonrit and Umathela - https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/rq-encounter-and-notes-from-pavis-futures/ but there are things I will add also for Sartar and Prax when I have the time, also the great stuff that http://www.backtobalazar.com has tempts me to try to add more there also... 


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