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[AP] Black Spear Clan (Colymar Tribe)


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My wife and I are giving HQG a shot, having introduced her to HQ2 via playing in Harry Potter. I've geeked out on Glorantha and have been itching to play and so am overjoyed that she has shown a willingness to play. We had some success using HQ to playing the world of  Harry Potter though I found it quite challenging as I'm not a huge J.K. Rowling buff and so struggled to input themes/narratives/etc... the setting just wasn't clicking. I suggested to my wife that we maybe give Glorantha a shot and so we set out on generating a clan using the Clan Generation Questionnaire found in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. We did just that, which took a bit more time than I had imagined and all the while I was concerned that she may be losing interest. We finished that first session generating our heroes using HQG. The going is slow, as we're both learning the system, but it has been enjoyable and she said it was fun. Tonight, we decided to jump off and get some gaming going despite still having a few miscellaneous questions still needing to be answered in terms of our clan, The Black Spear Clan of the Colymar Tribe.

Gaming Method:

We're using a mixture of Mythic (soon to be possibly replaced by GameMaster's Apprentice Deck -- primarily for time sake), Rory's Story Cubes for driving imagination/plot, and some other Combat Description Cards (Conflict Games) for sights/sounds/ill intent/descriptors and some other tools and ideas I found from Sophia Brandt (dieheart.net) who recently posted a HQG solo actual play. That covers our methodology for gaming...

Clan & Characters:

I've scanned our Clan sheet along with our character sheets, as of our second session, and attached them for those curious. These are our second characters, and so we're slowly growing in our understanding of the system. I'll admit, all my other experience roleplaying has been strictly limited to either playing games with my wife, using FU + Mythic, or more simulationist rules solo on my own with  Mythic. It took awhile for my brain to grasp HQ, aided with the help of Google+, these forums (and the old retired Glorantha forums), and the awesome PandaCon Actual Play that Yohann ran. 

In short, I'm playing Varanos, a Tenacious Warrior (Heavy Infantry), with Air/Movement/Death runes, and my wife is playing Cal, a Wise Hunter, with Earth/Truth/Mastery runes.

Our First Session:

We struggled with coming up with what we were going to do, and so decided that we were tending to our sheep herd (clan ability) in the hills in the east of our clan's land. I rolled on the encounter table for hills in Sartar: Companion and got "Scorpion Men." We used Mythic to decide on the number of Scorpion Men, despite the number quoted in S:Companion and came up with two Scorpion lackeys along with K'Avent, the leader.

I took jajagappa's great advice from the recent thread, "HeroQuest, keeping the dice rolling suspense," and decided to launch into an extended contest (first one I've ran) with the Scorpion Men. We deduced that the K'Avent and his crew could see us and launched into the contest, though fumbled the fact that we didn't frame the prize/intent. Looking back, I think we started a bit too low of difficulty, being that I went with High difficulty of (base 14 + 6 = 20), but it still took us 6 rounds to drive off (we had to determine that this was our intent, after my wife asked once I had scored 5 points against K'Avent if we had killed it -- we both agreed that being that we were so new that wasn't likely and that we probably just meant to drive them from our clan's lands), though only one hero point was used by my wife. I again took jajagappa's advice (I think) and added a Quite Hard difficulty, and house-ruled that it would instead be base + 10, as I thought that would have been a bit more of building suspense.

After driving the Scorpion Men off, we rolled to see where they headed -- we were both shocked to encounter Scorpion Men so far south of Snake Pipe Hollow and were again shocked to find that they fled West, continuing to cross our clan's land. We then used the Aladdin Technique, hats off to Sophia Brandt for the intro to that yet again, to generate/setup our next session. It generated the following plot...


Veranos & Cal try to pursue K'Avent and the Scorpion Men while remaining quiet and looking for magic fossils (to hopefully generate some wealth for our clan as that's our lowest resource!), but what is behind Fang (my wife's Alynx companion) howling and acting odd?


My wife asked what she could read to learn more about Glorantha! I'd call that a high mark of success -- I showed her the first ten or so pages of the first volume of the GtG, overing the world overview as well as provided her with The Complete Griselda, as I figured the short stories would be a good format and might help capture her with the world, as I know it did with me when I read it.

Anyways, I figure I might keep this updated with our journey and welcome any feedback, rules corrections, and what not. Bit tough of a go, as the system is so freeform though my wife has really taken to it more so than past attempts. She specifically said, after our first run at Harry Potter, that she much preferred this system over our prior use of FU. It is also very nice to have such a wide array of resources, supplements, and information to pull from when gaming. I found myself pulling out the guide and other books to look up ideas, explain concepts about the world to my wife, and it makes it a bit easier since we don't have to come up with all of that on our own!

Black Spear Clan Sheet.pdf

Varanos & Cal Char Sheets.pdf

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The wife and I picked up where we left off... here is the plot we had generated at the end of the last session.


Veranos & Cal try to pursue K'Avent and the Scorpion Men while remaining quiet and looking for magic fossils (to hopefully generate some wealth for our clan as that's our lowest resource!), but what is behind Fang (my wife's Alynx companion) howling and acting odd?

First, we finished fleshing out our characters, adding some abilities and my wife fleshed out her Alynx. We determined that we would attempt to pursue K'Avent and his Scorpion Men westward while Fang, my wife's Alynx would attempt to deliver a message on our behalf to our clan ring. Due to the fact that he seemed to be acting odd, we ruled that it would be Hard (Base + 6 = 20) and a simple contest, which he received a marginal victory. Looking at the table, it suggested that "Making your way" which resulted in Fang arriving, though it taking time -- we interpreted this as receiving no aid or assistance...

We framed our simple group contest, "Tracking K'Avent and his Scorpion Men while remaining unnoticed and watching their movement until they crossed our clan's border." We both rolled against the base difficulty and I scored a marginal victory and my wife failed, used a hero point to boost our simple group contest result from marginal (which would have net us a hurt (-3 ability rating)) to a minor victory, allowing us to remain unharmed.

K'Avent and his Scorpion Men, upon reaching our border, strenuously continued heading west towards a source of chaos (Delecti's Ruin -- we assumed; this result was received by rolling some Rory's story cubes) and I tested my Tenacious nature (flaw - 1w) against my loyalty to my clan, as Varanos wanted to pursue them with the purpose of trying to capture or strike one of the two straggles down. I succeeded in overcoming my flaw. My wife tested her Pride (flaw - 17) against her Pragmatic nature of her Earth Rune (18) in that she wanted to forge on ahead, without realistically looking at the situation. She, too, passed and overcame her flaw and we took stock of the situation. We decided to continue pursuing them at a distance until we saw some advantageous opportunity arise. 

We kicked up the difficulty to 17, for our next group simple contest, framed as "continuing to pursue K'Avent and his men without being noticed" and succeeded with a minor victory, this took us to Starfire Ridge -- we checked Mythic to see if they (very likely) had re-grouped up with the remaining 9 Scorpion Men (as suggested in the Sartar: Companion encounter) and astoundingly got a 'No'. We rolled Rory's Story Cubes to see what they were doing -- we got the result that they had setup a temporary camp and that K'Avent was posted up, watching out for danger.

We decided to attack, ruled that it was be very hard (14 + W = 14W), and went full bore into battle. I augmented my Flying Strike Air Rune ability with my Death Rune, due to the fact that everything about K'Avent (the fact that he went through a re-birth ceremony to become what he is now) goes against everything the Death Rune stands for, and succeeded with a minor victory, netting +6 to my Flying Strike of 2W for a total of 8W. My wife augmented her bow ability of 2W with her Earth Rune, allowing her to find the ideal sport in the terrain to launch an attack, which succeeded at a minor victory, boosting her attack to 8W. We used Mythic, to see if we gained any first attack benefit which we felt was somewhat likely, though only my wife gained it and added +6 to the first round. I scored no hits the first go around and my wife scored 2 points against K'Avent. With the notion of surprise out of the way, my second attempt netted 1 point while my wife failed against K'Avent's fumble. She wisely used a hero point, boosted her failure to a success and netted three points to knock K'Avent out of the contest.

We pulled a Combat Description Card, for piercing weapons and read the killing blow description. Her arrows arched towards K'Avent, severing his ties from this land without a sound. This actually answered her question of whether or not his other Scorpion Men were aroused to our presence, which we ruled they were not. I decided to cement the experience and used a remaining ability to add "Bronze Breasplast of K'Avent" under my Warrior - Heavy Infantry ability as a breakout. We then rolled for a simple group contest to return to our clan to report in.

Here is the ending plot hook that we generated.


Varanos & Cal try to investigate the appearance of Scorpion Men on their clan's land by enlisting/seeking the knowledge of chaos beasts from a member of their clan. But... why were K'Avent and his men heading west towards Delecti's Ruin?

We both had two hero points left over, or rather my wife had one and we rolled on Mythic (somewhat likely) to see if she was rewarded with any additional points, as she ruled that she had a very climatic session by killing K'Avent without a sound. She was indeed rewarded with one hero point for her success and we both spent the points to boost a keyword, myself selecting my Death Rune and she selecting her Earth Rune (I believe). Our updated character sheets are attached!

Feedback, input, suggestions and or rules lawyering is WELCOME! (well maybe not rules lawyering though we are trying to learn the rules as we go so any help is appreciated)

V&C Post Session II.pdf

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Attached Char Sheets
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Cal and Varanos travel back to their Black Spear Clan tula and seek out their clan chieftain, Rasdarg, however he cannot be located.

Rasdarg: Patron Deity: Orlanth -- former thane distinguished in combat with a square jaw that is exemplified under deep concentration. Known to seek out his enemies and currently unknown location. 

We however did stumble across another clan ring member, Wahanbrax, (Spirit Rune) a Shaman who was deep in a trance which appeared somehow related to unearthed baby frogs, or something wild of the sort. We waited until he exited his trance and inquired as to whether or not Fang, Cal's Alynx, had delivered the warning message. Wahanbrax informed us that Fang had indeed warned him. He shares a vision with us, that we should seek out the Old Elf Ruins to the southwest, specifically, to search it out at sunset. Wahanbrax recommends that we take along our gear as he suspects trouble is about. He unfortunately had no idea where Rasdarg is.

Before setting out we consulted a third member of the clan ring, Mistanthu, (Issaries) a former house maker who gets quite touchy when you have a differing opinion or perspective. Mistanthu was preparing a trade convoy and was willing to attempt to trade the corpse of K'Avent in hopes of netting more resources for the clan, however the attempts would fail in a marginal defeat (No boost to clan's wealth though slight notoriety amongst neighboring clans for slaying K'Avent).

We set out south towards Clearwine and upon arriving we inquired as to see if Rasdarg was here -- however no one has seen him. Varanos then sought out the Humakt Shrine, in hopes of finding an initiate who may be able to sponsor him as he hopes of becoming an initiate of Humakt. We met Xenth, a former drifter who had no identity nor home prior to becoming an initiate of Humakt who was exceedingly helpful and agreed to accompany us on our quest to the Old Elf Ruins. Xenth was not able to provide us any lodgings and so we decided to part ways until the morning and sought out camp at the South Village, though no lodging was to be found. Varanos attempted to use his heavy infantry knowledge/skill to talk their way into lodging at the Thane Square, though fell on deaf ears. Cal, attempted to use her Mastery Ruin to take command of the situation (stepped up to Hard difficulty) to talk their way into staying at Thane Square, however failed and we were kicked out. 

Cal, to hopefully rectify the attempts at finding lodging led us to the Earth Temple and successfully found us lodging for the night.


UNE proved to be a pretty slick tool to create NPCs... my wife commented that it didn't seem like we accomplished much though we only played for about an hour and a half and I reminded her it isn't always about conflict. We also worked on the notion of roleplaying social encounters. We decided to call the session paused, and so have retained all hero points and will pickup hopefully tomorrow

Cal, Varanos and Xenth will set out Southwards towards Old Elf Ruin, attempting to investigate the on-goings per Wahanbrax's vision. Meanwhile, where is our clan chieftain Rasdarg?

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Cal, Varanos and Xenth set out from Clearwine to explore the Old Elf Ruins -- we traveled there without incident and in a group simple contest were able to stealthily sneak up on the ruins, not alerting anyone to our presence. We approached from the Northeast and the building appeared to be two stories, we were able to see the second story/roof area however nothing was visible and no one, including my wife's alynx, could detect anything. Xenth informed us that he had no prior knowledge of the old ruins and it was the first time for him being here, similar to us.

Cal contemplated sending her Alynx in however being both proud and reckless we decided that even if we did do that we'd end up heading in no matter what! As we entered we knocked over some debris lying on the ground and alerted the Lunar Patrol inside to our presence. The patrol was composed of a Lunar Magician & Lunar Priest accompanied by three Lunar Soldiers, who were all much stronger ( Very Hard: + W ) than us. We decided to go for it and charged into battle.

Varanos went after the Lunar Magician and was quickly blown back by powerful Lunar magic, enough so that Cal decided to throw in against the Lunar Magician, pouring all her strength and depleting her last drop of effort ( spent all hero points ) but still not being able to knock the Magician out of the contest ( scored four points ) -- Cal's Alynx was quickly batted aside and knocked out of the contest by a Lunar Soldier while Xenth fended off against the remaining two Soldiers after Fang was knocked out. Varanos had better luck against the ruled lesser Lunar Priest, who was on the verge of being knocked out, but was then dealt a crippling blow from the Magician, injuring himself causing searing pain. 

This day clearly was not our day -- had we angered the Gods? Was the red moon set against us? Cal and Xenth bravely stood back to back and retreated under a shower of arrows while Xenth dragged Varanos and Fang out. We thankfully were only at the entrance of the ruins and while being committed to the fight had but a short distance to exit the structure. Cal, attempted to heal my wounds in the field however they were too severe, and we were able to limp to the nearest settlement, Quackford.

We came across Namagog, a no question asking, down to business durulz tradesman who eyed us with suspicion, however upon the re-telling of our story was grateful to be warned of the Lunar activity just south of their village. Namagog himself wasn't a healer though did know of someone who could aid us and led us to Fieshmall, a human devotee of Chalana Arroy who was able to heal our injuries. 

Beaten down, we now have a number of plots to explore...

  1. Appearance of Scorpion Men on our clan's land
  2. Unknown location of our clan chieftain, Rasdarg
  3. Mysterious Lunar Magician at the old elf ruins

We plan to venture back to the Old Elf Ruins in the morning, assuming that we had interrupted whatever was taking place, to see if we can't uncover what may have been going on. Should the Lunars wish to fortify the structure there likely would have been more troops and so we're guessing they were only there for a specific purpose which we hope to uncover.


Wow! We got our butts handed to us... I looked up the disengage rules and it seems that the disengage action is used in place of your normal ability and so is then stacked against whatever opposition you face? In our case, I was using my Flying Strike ability, at 2W vs. the Lunar Magician at 14W. For story purposes, after I was knocked out my wife convincingly came up with the strategy that she and Xenth would stand back to back, while she maintained a steady stream of arrows as they both backed out while Xenth dragged Fang and my character out. At first, I thought that this wouldn't work however as she pointed out, we had just edged into the ruin and were so close to the exit that we ruled this as "Quite Hard" ( Base + 13 ) difficulty, dropping from "Very Hard" ( Base + W) and so they were able to pull it off.

Hero Points -- can only one point be spent in each round of an Extended Contest? I wanted to try and prevent myself from being knocked out as I was at 4 points against the Lunar Magician who scored a Minor Victory, though one hero point would only bring that up a Marginal Victory (as he had rolled higher) still knocking me out so I opted to forego spending it as it appeared negligible. 

We're having fun, though feel that we've screwed up our characters and have taken a number of break-outs from Runes without being initiates of the Cults. Granted, the breakouts aren't magical in nature, for example my Flying Strike breakout from my Air Rune isn't magical in nature, simply a running flying leap strike with my sword. So, I suppose it works though feels a bit misplaced... being our first game of multiple sessions I have a much better idea of how I'd craft a character with more specific abilities. I think my wife is still trying to wrap her head around the system, or rather build her confidence in roleplaying games in general, though enjoys playing with me.

Our System -- we're still trying to nail down our system but have really enjoyed using UNE (off DrivethruRPG) for generating NPCs, which we've been tracking on 3x5 index cards. That part is pretty good. I have my GameMaster's Apprentice deck coming tomorrow hopefully, and will read up on how-to use it prior to our next session this Friday. Hoping that it will streamline a few bits while also offering some randomness. 

We also struggled handling encounters and what we came upon. Sartar: Companion's encounter table has helped though using Rory's Story Cubes caused a bit of a headache as we're both not Gloranthan experts in terms of Creatures. Shame that the Gloranthan Bestiary is shelved for the time being -- it would be incredibly helpful! I think Sartar: Companion is our best bet, unless someone else has an opinion.

Feedback -- feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or rules etiquette. It would be more than welcome and if you read this far, thanks! 


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Setting out on Reconnaissance of Old Elf Ruins

Cal & Varanos along with Xenth set out to investigate what transpired at the Old Elf Ruins, where they were thoroughly trounced by the Lunar Patrol & Magician, to hopefully uncover the reason that Wahanbrax, their clan Shaman and adviser, sent them in the first place due to his vision. We set out from Quackford and successfully navigated back to the Old Elf Ruins without incident and as we crested the small rise in the terrain we saw a blurred motion -- the East side of the Old Elf Ruins collapsed before our eyes, sectioning off and falling to the earth taking the eastern portion of the second floor with it. 

Varanos immediately suspected the workings of a spirit-trap or tripwire set by the Lunar Magician to do such a thing should we come back to the ruins... we decided to give it a brief 5-10 minutes to see if anything else happened prior to closing distance and investigating. Nothing happened and we closed in with Varanos staking out the northern entrance to the ruins and Fang, Cal's Alynx, circling behind. Nothing was found.

Varanos and Xenth entered the ruins from the northern entrance and cleared the first floor, then heading to the second floor. Cal and Fang began searching for clues. As Cal began investigating the first floor suddenly the weapons of every party member began to burn incredibly hot -- hot enough that Varanos actually dropped his sword screaming, "What the heck is going on down there Cal? You feel that?!" Cal came running up from the first floor and immediately saw out of the corner of her eye an inscription, glowing fire-red etched into the stone. It appeared archaic and a foreboding feeling passed over everyone. Varanos and Xenth both yelled, "Let's get out of here! NOW!"

However Cal frantically attempted to jot down the ancient looking inscription, as she believed that THIS is what the Lunar Magician or Priest was up to when they interrupted them last night. Cal thankfully was able to scribble it down and exited the ruins with Varanos and Xenth. Exhausted, they decided to head back to Quackford and then moved on back to our clan home, Black Spear. 

Xenth Returns to Clearwine Humakti Shrine

Xenth unfortunately had duties to attend to at the Humakti Shrine at Clearwine and for thanks we escorted him back without incident and then continued on to Black Spear ourselves. Upon reaching home we headed directly to Wahanbrax, our clan Shaman, and shared the inscription with him. We of course found him hanging from a tree, doing whatever spirit talkers do. He was immediately became fidgety and appeared claustrophobic when he gazed upon the inscription and was able to briefly convey that it was some form of attempt to call down or connect with the Red Goddess or some other evil form of Lunar Magic, to further their maniacal plan to conquer our land. Varanos immediately thought that we might seek out Minyarth Purple at the Lhankor Mhy temple in Jonstown to possibly get more information.

Wahanbrax also informed us that Rasdarg, our clan chieftain, was still not home. Varanos attempted to call a clan moot, however only was able to rally the remaining clan ring members (who we fleshed out -- names/runic affinity) who relayed that they had no further knowledge of the inscription or information relating to our investigation. As we were consulting with the ring, lookouts came in and advised us that the Malani clan had just conducted a cattle raid successfully, and had escaped to the North.

We decided to continue pursuing this Lunar plot and Varanos demanded the location and whereabouts of Rasdarg, as he sought the counsel of his chief. The ring disclosed that Rasdarg was in fact at Boldhome, at a clan/tribal rally, trying to further the interests of Black Spear and the Colymar tribe and they were not sure when he was due to return.

Varanos and Cal then asked for clan aid in the areas of War and Magic, and only succeeded, marginally, in gaining a benefit in Magic. 

Open Threads & Our Plan for Next Session

  • The appearance of scorpion men on our clan lands
  • Inscription from the Old Elf Ruins & the Lunar Plot
  • Rasdarg in Boldhome, pursuing clan interests
  • (Minor) Cattle Raid by Malani

We plan to head east to Jonstown, to seek out the sages and hopefully Minyarth Purple of the Lhankor Mhy Library to gain insight and information on what the Lunars are up to.


Session Notes

We're improving in our play, and made some great progress tonight! This was the first night that we played with the GameMaster's Apprentice Deck (purchased off DrivethruRPG) which is a really awesome tool! It helped us generate a lot of plot suggestions and a few random events (such as the cattle raid) -- incredibly helpful and great tool for running a GMless game. Wife and I love it!

The wife is improving in her game play significantly and is getting a hang of RPGs as well as Glorantha, which she has done some minor reading up on. It's a blast! I'm really enjoying the system and my cheat sheet is helping streamline game play as well. Incredibly fun!

Attached are our updated Clan sheet & Character Sheets.

Black Spear Clan Sheet 12216.pdf

Char Sheets 12216.pdf

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5 hours ago, Steve said:

I ordered the GameMaster's Apprentice Deck based on your earlier mention of it. Great to hear that you're finding it so good.


Yeah, it just really fit for us. Came incredibly natural and helped my wife separate the GM aspects of gaming versus the HQ system bits, something she was struggling with without the cards (as we'd roll for both). She also mentioned after last night's session, "I really felt like there was tension building!"

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Bit late of a post... as the wife and I played a few days back though I haven't had the time to get this updated. Here we go...

Picking back up!

We set off again with the following goal, "to head to Jonstown, in search of the Lhankor Mhy Temple, to try and interpret the inscriptions that we had previously found." We headed out from the Colymar Wilds and turned West heading towards the road that leads to Runegate. On our way we encountered another Lunar Patrol, however both of us had a complete victory on our group simple contest that we were able to determine if we wanted to engage the Patrol or not. Scanning from the distance we were shocked to discover that it was the same lunar patrol, along with priest and magician, that we had encountered two days prior at the Old Elf Ruins. We opted to let them pass by, as they were traveling southwest and instead continue on to Runegate. 

We slip through Runegate without incident, not encountering any Dunsfoot patrols in or near town and make our way to Horsetown and successfully negotiate for two horses to aid our journey east to Jonstown. Our next destination is Swan which we travel and pass through without incident.

As we traveled past Raindow Mounds, an intricate cave system which we decided to bypass despite the very interesting description, we spooked a herd of cattle being herded by Sartarite farmers. Varanos jumps down off his horse and successfully assists the farmers in calming their herd as we had apparently surprised them coming around a sharp bend. The farmers in passing share that they heard some rumblings during their travels, that King Kangarl hates the Lunars and plans to backstab Fazzur Wideread if the chance presents itself. We thank them for the information and continue on to Red Bird.

Red Bird proves uneventful and we set out for Famous Bell -- unfortunately our luck quickly dries up. We failed our group simple contest and net the hurt result, suggesting that we have driven both our horses and ourselves far too fast. The trend continues as we roll an encounter with a Lunar Regiment! We rule that due to the movement we hear them a long way off, however have to quickly head into the nearby Brambleberry Hills.

Cal focuses on covering our tracks while Varanos attempts to quietly lead the horses into the hills. We are clearly beat from our hasty travels and were caught unsuspecting, never thinking we'd encounter such a large force of Hoplites traveling west! It takes everything we have to barely make it into the hills however it leads to another hurt result, causing us to have to setup camp and attempt to heal.

We decided to put the session on hold as we were running out of time.


Rules Question:

Our last group simple contest, which I suppose could have been an extended contest now that I think back to it, ended up with 1 point to our advantage and 3 points to the advantage of the Lunar Regiment's Scouts. We looked up the Group Simple Contest boost rules and due to the number of players spent one hero point each, gaining two boosts which we ruled brought us up from a Major Defeat, through a Marginal Defeat, to a Marginal Victory. I wasn't sure if that is how Group Simple Contests worked, though we ruled it as such netting us a second "Hurt (-3)" result. We then ruled that we would add that second Hurt result to our existing Hurt result giving us a (-6) net adjustment. My wife had used two different skills and so spread that over each, gaining a -3 for movement and -3 for observant/eyesight (hurt legs/chaps/ass from riding on the road and then a terrible migraine from the dire concentration of covering our tracks) while I used my movement ability and so took a -6 hit against that moving forward... injured legs, blisters, sore ankles.

Our open threads thus far:

  • Scorpion Men on our clan lands and the cause?
  • Inscriptions found @ the Old Elf Ruins (currently investigating)
  • Rasdarg @ Boldhome
  • Cattle Raid of Malani clan (minor)
  • The SAME Lunar Patrol  heading SW from Runegate -- where the heck are they going? Back to Tarsh?
  • What is King Kangarl up to? Can the information be trusted? Possible ally?

Next Session

Our next session we'll pickup where we left off, and try to heal/rest/recuperate and then complete our journey to Jonstown.

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