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Crits n Fumbles

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So everyone loves criticals and fumbles, I can appreciate this. I wanted to make changes that fit my own philosophy not just make changes for the sake of change. So here is how it looks right now.

Skill Use

01-10 is always a success. 01-05 is always a critical success. There is no "special" success.

91-100 is always a failure. 96 - 100 is always a fumble.

Critical Success on a non Combat Skill

04-05 - Next Use of this skill has an Easy modifier

02 - 03 - Next use of this skill has a Simple modifier

01 - Next use is Simple and you gain 2% to the skill

Fumble on a Non Combat Skill

96-97 Next use of this skill has a Difficult modifier

98-99 Next use of this skill has a Hard Modifier

00 - Next skill use is Hard and  Everything You Know is a Lie! Lose 1d3% on this skill

For Combat, there are charts to roll on...

Critical Success (Attack) Roll d100

01 - 25: Armor is Halved

26 - 50 Armor is Ignored

51 - 75 Add 1d8 to Damage Roll, Armor is halved

76 - 98 Roll damage on second body part, Armor is halved

99 - 100 Armor Ignored, Nicked an artery - target begins to Bleed 1HP per round

Fumble (Attack)

01 - 25 Next Attack is Difficult

26 - 50 Weapon Dropped

51 - 75 Target's Next Attack on you is Easy

76 - 98 Damage Self. Roll Hit location and weapon damage, armor is halved

99 - 100 Impaled on Enemy. Target rolls weapon damage and hit location, armor ignored.

There is more, but this is a fine taste of it.

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Let me question your philosophy. :)

Why are non-combat crits/fumbles always beneficial/detrimental to the next skill roll and appear to have no impact on the results of the present roll? Are you combining crits/fumbles with Experience Checks or Improvement Rolls?

Many d100 (and other) systems place the emphasis of crits/fumbles on the current results. With non-combat skills, the task could take less time, have a significantly better result, or produce a side-benefit. (And the converse with a fumble). Your method seems a little peculiar, and I don't see what you're going for, especially with non-combat skills. And especially considering that your combat crits/fumbles have an immediate effect.

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The idea is to have an effect that can translate to a broad range of skill types and have effects that are meaningful to the success. So a critical or fumble is about confidence and learning. There are EXP checks and IMP rolls, though not tied directly to Crit/Fumble. (At this time...)

Often crit success or crit fail can be vague depending on the situation. The GM often makes a judgement call or the Crit/Fumble does not make or break a given situation. And I do not want to rob the GM of his or her agency; those extra situation benefits can still be layered in depending on the GMs judgment.  So a critical in these non combat situations give a character confidence and fumbles have them question their confidence.

That is the thinking anyway. Whether it works in the game the way it works in my head remains to be seen, If it does not work as well as I want, I will change it.

And the feedback is most appreciated.

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A star or my grouch face next to the skill. Two stars or Two grouch faces. Very informal and yes that has come up as a question. Wider testing will definitely see whether it is or is not a pain for most folks. I can say that so far it has give players a "oh damn" or "Oh yeah!" moment or two on subsequent skill checks, which has created some fun and drama. 

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