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RQ6/Mythras - what would be a good starting campaign?


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Inspired by a revived thread in the Glorantha forum, I thought I'd ask what would be a good starting campaign for RQ6/Mythras? Obviously we have Book of Quests, Monster Island, Mythic Britain and the Thennla books (Shores of Korantia & Taskan Empire) as possible choices. However, for the sake of variety, any D100 campaign that could be easily ported to RQ6 could be considered as well.

For example, in the Glorantha thread, a favoured starting point was Borderlands as it had some low level adventures and didn't require the GM or the players to know too much about Glorantha. If the campaign continued, it could go onto Griffin Mountain -> Pavis (minus the Cradles scenario) -> Big Rubble

Personally, I like the idea of Book of Quests as the adventures can be one-offs or chained together. The setting is kind of neutral and could easily be incorporated into Glorantha or Thennla or even Forgotten Realms (when Classic Fantasy is released), if the group wants to expand the campaign and demands more setting flavour.

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If you don't have time to build your own setting then I'ld certainly just play through Book Of Quests, and perhaps somehow segue it into Thennla at a later date perhaps. Start vague and small, and slowly build the wider world as you go, it's less cumbersome for you and a lot of fun

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I wouldn't compare starting in Glorantha with starting with RQ6/Mythras. In Glorantha it's easy to tie the supplements together, and the question really is more where do you start. With the RQ6 supplements it's more a question of what kind of campaign you want to run.

The quality of TDM publications is so high, that I wouldn't look into anything else, unless you are after something very specific. If you are an unexperienced GM or challenged timewise, or simply want a straightforward campaign, go with BoQ. If you want a sandbox, take MI. If you want a grim semi-historical setting, that really challenges your players to roleplay, MB is the best you can get. (I have been running it over a year, and it's the most fun I have ever had as a GM, and my players are loving it too.) If you want something completely different, there's Luther Arkwright. (If you don't know what to expect, read the comic book. Actually, read it even you don't plan to run it.) Or you can wait for Classic Fantasy. Thennla I'm not familiar with, so can't say much about that.

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Some nice suggestions.


The quality of TDM publications is so high, that I wouldn't look into anything else, unless you are after something very specific.

Since time is a challenge at the moment and I agree with the above statement, I think Book of Quests will be the way to go. Dependent upon the player reaction, I can take them off to Monster Island, Thennla or continue the Sword and Sorcery them and place the realm in Xoth and run The Spider God's Bride trilogy. I like this flexibility and initial low investment in setting.

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I would do as suggested in The Shores of Korantia and replace the northern coastal city of Mersin with Meeros from the Core Book. You could then run the introductory island adventure Sarniya's Curse (possibly with the pre-generated characters), then consider Meeros Falling from the Game Master's Pack or Monster Island.

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