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Maniria, Handra and the New Fens

Incendiary Pig

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Hi there,

I am a long time RQ player but first time poster on this forum. In preparation for Chaosium RQ I am starting to plan a campaign for the RPG group I  play with. Maniria looks very interesting and I have been collecting various bits of information on this area. The largest of these (apart from the Guide to Glorantha) is from Tradetalk 11: Handra and the New Fens. A lot of this is very interesting but I wondered how much of it veers from the official view of this area. I would be very keen to get people's views on this, does anyone know?




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The HeroQuest 'Blood Over Gold' campaign was set on The New Coast of Maniria, but most of that certainly isn't canon now.

The Malkioni themselves are much more ancient flavoured now, perhaps use the Byzantine Empire as a vague reference ( but add in bits n pieces from Macedoian Empire, Palmyrian Empire, etc).

The influence of the Trader Princes throughout Wenelia appears much less than in 'Blood Over Gold', they are more like Malkioni traders who replace the role of 'Kings' for the Orlanthi, although not for military purposes, primarily to keep the peace amongst the clans and to keep the trade routes open. Similar in concept in some ways to earlier versions of the region, although the Malkioni appear less in number and much less in actual population.

Except for Handra I think. It appears to a major Malkioni centre for the region, but with a lot more impact of external cultures than Seshnelan and Safelteran Malkioni.

I think Handra itself was a small fishing settlement until Dormal arrived. Then trade from Esrolia followed, so there is now a huge Esrolian influence upon Handra. Not sure how this plays out, but the pictures of the High Priestess of Handra, Obrana, make her look very Earth pantheon influenced. 

I am eagerly waiting for a Handra supplement, perhaps after Dragon Pass and Holy Country we may see the authors turn their attentions to Wenelia, and perhaps beyond to Safelster or Seshnela.

Here is a thread regarding the Malkioni: 

We really need a good campaign set in The West to really get a handle on Malkioni these days.

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