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Just wanted to start a thread to ask if people are planning to play this online? If so, is there value in sharing efforts for preparing digital assets?

For me, this would probably be via Fantasy Grounds, so would certainly be keen on putting together (or even better, someone else putting together...) the module into the FG format, with all the digital assets and stat blocks pre-filled.

But equally good to hear what others might be doing, and what other things people might share to enhance online play (sounds / other images) etc...


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Awesome - interested then how the distribution of that module might be handled - via this forum would seem to ensure access only to those signed up, but not sure if the FG audience will mainly be watching the FG forums.

Probably something better organised via Smiteworks and Chaosium, but would be good to know how distribution of this might be handled.

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On 3 April 2016 at 9:48 PM, Corsario said:

I have just started a recruitment in the Paizo Forums, to try and play it as Play by Post.

Paizo Forums Link

Wish me luck!

One question: How much information can I share on the internet with my players?


Good luck! 

Do you mean - what can I tell potential players about the campaign? If so, we'd like to avoid spoilers for players on the Internet - as the campaign is being run around the world, posting secrets about the campaign could spoil things for many players. What I'd advise is to simply use the description we provided in promoting the campaign. This went something like this:

A Time To Harvest is a Call of Cthulhu campaign set in 1930 for a group of students from Miskatonic University. What starts as a university field trip to Vermont leads the intrepid investigators into a dark web of terror and intrigue. Otherworldly plans have been set in motion, which if brought to fruition, spell doom for humanity.



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