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Fight Back / Dodge


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So I've only very recently had a session with a lot of melee combat in it, and I found a question that I'm unsure about.

When someone is attacked in melee and chooses to fight back or dodge, does that use up their action for the round? I can't find anything in the rules that says it does, it's just that a lot of other BRP-bases games have that rule, and it's kind of become second nature to me.

Even if it's not the intent of the rules, what would be the effect of house-ruling that in? Hmmmm... For one thing, it would speed up combat a little. But on the other hand, it would make high DEX a really big advantage, because the one who goes first would always have the edge of being the attacker.

So maybe it should just be clarified that you get one free reaction to being attacked each round?

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I"m guessing you're using the Quick-Start rules? These things are covered in more detail in the full Rulebook.

Every character gets to initiate one action on their turn in combat, they also get to dodge and fight back against each attack made upon them. This is also where the Outnumbered rule comes into play - each character gets to dodge or fight back (with no penalty) against the first attack against in the round, if additional attacks are then made on that same character in that same round, then each attack after the first gets a bonus die. Thus, the character can fight back or dodge every attack - but from the second attack onwards they are at a disadvantage.



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