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Trollball is coming!


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Unfortunately, the Ref may be the only participant you don't get to directly play... He kinda does his own thing, as Giants are wont to do. (Though you do get to roll the dice for him when he's stomping an opponent, which can be quite satisfying)

However, you Do have influence over just about everyone else involved. You can throw stones at the other team as the Crowd, help the poor Ball try to escape, tell the kindly Priestess which wounded player needs healing first, and, of course, hurl abuse or encouragement at the Referee to attempt to get him to notice the dirty cheaters on the other team, and overlook any brave heroes forced to toe the line of legality on your own.

All while directing your Team to bash, block, and run their way to glorious victory, or bloody disgrace!

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5 hours ago, TRose said:

I want to play the Referee.

It's a dirty job. Lots of wet missiles, dust of healing, nagging teams, nagging team managers, and hard work to restore the playing field to shape or bribe.

I know what I am talking about...

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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