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There are a large number of Call of Cthulhu articles on my blog, Shooting Dice, including:

Lovecraft and His Guns, about HPL and his guns and gun use.

The Investigator's Load, about typical kit carried by investigators in HPL's stories and encumbrance issues in the game.

Lovecraft's Investigators and Their guns, an entire series of articles examining HPL stores for the weapons of his investigators.

Disarming in Call of Cthulhu, comparing the Disarming rules in Call of Cthulhu Sixth and Seventh Edition, illustrated using a scene from The Maltese Falcon.

Cthulhu Gangster, the latest book by German Call of Cthulhu licensee Pegasus Press.

Plus gun reviews, film and TV series reviews, all with an eye towards using them in the game.





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