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Guns and Students

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G'day All,

I'd like to ask if you are allowing one or two students to be carrying guns?

I know it doesn't really fit episode 1. But, hey, it's Call of Cthulhu, there's a skill to select on the character sheet, and some students have gone missing already.

I'm guessing my players may point to something like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_shootings_in_the_United_States#1930s and ask to be allowed to bring a gun along.


Pete S.

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I won't be allowing the players to just have a gun unless they can come up with a good reason as to why in their background.  (Something like on the shooting team - of course this would be more like rifles and possibly handguns and then only specific types.  If they live off campus and perhaps have hunting in their background, etc...)  I am also allowing one  player to be a rep of Federated Oil and Chemical.  I have no issue with that character having weapons.  

I originally thought about just letting the students take guns with them, especially since with what happened the last time but I can see Blaine doing everything in his power to make sure no one brings weapons.

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Actually, guns do less damage (no strength damage and min damage with an impaling weapon which guns are) than an improvised weapon to the Mi-Go.  So, It's actually to their detriment.  One player brought a rifle because he's a biologist and wanted to shoot birds to bring back specimens which seemed reasonable to me.  Of course, the player didn't tell me this until he started shooting out the back of the truck on the way to Cobb's Corners.  That brought the convoy to a screeching halt.  Blaine made the student put the rifle away.  During character creation I did mention that players could belong to the wrestling team (for Brawling), shooting club (rifle), etc.  So, it was not beyond the realm of possibilities.

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Keeper: "Ok lemme look at your character sheets" "Uhm why does Charley, the folklore student need a Lewis Gun?"


Player: "Bears...remember the previous expedition went missing. Could be bears,"


Keeper: "I'm gonna have to say no to the Lewis Gun...sorry."


Player: "Ok...B.A.R.?"


Keeper: "No..."


Player: "Thompson?"


Keeper: "No again..."


I will allow hunting type weapons...a couple shotguns, maybe a lever action rifle.

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Keeper- "I said hunting weapons....I don't care if your Uncle Zeke hunted squirrels with a flamethrower."

Keeper- "Yes technically whaling is hunting...but a truck mounted harpoon gun is not what I meant."

Keeper- "Ok...normal, typical hunting weapons you'd find in Vermont...excluding Uncle Zeke and his flamethrower...and yes it's clever to be able to roast squirrels and chestnuts at the same time..."

I used to have this type of guy in my games....sadly he recently passed.

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One player requested that her Investigator have a derringer, which I allowed. I also told the players that firearms are freely available, but there are restrictions upon them. For example, since this is where your investigators are based...

Massachusetts requires a Carry Licence for handguns from 1906. Applicants need to be 15 years old, have a clean police record, demonstrate a legitimate need (Persuade roll), and pay a $2.25 fee. The licence is valid for 1 year. Illegal to carry on one’s person are blackjacks, brass knuckles, small clubs, or fighting knives of any kind. Long arms are unrestricted, but from 1925, a licence is required to possess a shotgun with a barrel length of less than 40 cm, and from 1927 a Machine Gun Licence is needed for owning full-automatic weapons. Possessing explosive ordnance requires a permit from 1919 onwards.

(This is a quote from Investigator Weapons, Vol. 1.)


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