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New England Names

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My players being my players, I am pretty sure that once they start talking to people and especially when they begin the interviews will want to know who they are talking to. Which means that the various quotes accorded to the locals in part 1 will need names. So I did a quick search on New England surnames and added some Christian names from the Call of Cthulhu, Seventh Edition Handbook.

Female Names: Marguerite, Clarissa, Wilhelmina, Ivy, Cecilia, Constance, Frieda, Ursula, Violet, Adele, Joyce
Male Names: Moses, Ernest, Zadok, Leland, Dayton, Elijah, Howard, Sidney, Walter, Aaron, Manford
Surnames: Bicknell, Brewster, Cloyes, Eames, Fales, Hewes, Minthorn, Norkutt, Rouse, Shattuck, Topley


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