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What other Call of Cthulhu scenarios to run while waiting for new episodes?

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On 23/04/2016 at 0:10 AM, MOB said:

We'll be releasing the remaining parts of A Time to Harvest on the 15th of each month:

Installment Two - Sun May 15th

Installment Three - Wed June 15th

Installment Four - Fri July 15th

Installment Five - Mon August 15th

Installment Six - Thu September 15th


Hi All. Now that we know the release schedule, I realised that my players will be finishing the first episode way before the second episode is out. We play fortnightly, and while waiting for the second episode to be released and create a bit of buffer for future episodes, I am thinking of running a 3 session scenario that's not part of organised play. However, I want the scenario to be related so that the players can take their campaign characters into it or their newly created characters can be integrated into the adventure.

So, can anyone suggest me some good scenarios for it?

Thanks in advance.

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Chaosium's #2389 Miskatonic University is great for background to the University and has an adventure therein.

Adventures in Arkham Country and More Adventures in Arkham Country should have some local adventures that could work for a bunch of students. However they are OOP and expensive to obtain.


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7 hours ago, Cthulhus_Voicemail said:

The adventure "Dead Light" is a good one to use as an "on the road" scenario between two points.  

Dead Light is about 4 hours to run, but it's deadly, so I wouldn't run it between sessions as the characters might wind up dead before you run the 2nd episode.

Also I assume (but I may be wrong) the 2nd episode is right after the 1st episode where the "missing" characters return, but either mind controlled, replaced, or recruited, so it would ruin the surprise of having "dead" characters return since you'll have to explain that as you run your in-between scenario.   You could run your in-between scenario as a flashback, but then when I ran the 1st episode, I approached it as the very first time the characters ran into something supernatural, so there would be a disconnect.

Maybe the best thing is if you run other scenarios in between, have them roll up new characters, so the continuity isn't messed up.

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