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Charles Green

Anyone want a copy of Griffin Island for Runequest?

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I am purging my books in preparation for a move, and found an old copy of Griffin Island amongst the clutter. The box is beaten all to Hell, but the contents are intact complete. I doubt I'll ever get a chance to run it, and thought it should go to someone who might.

Mainly looking to sell, but might be interested in trade for the right items. Presently looking for 6mm to 15mm miniatures, either fantasy or sci-fi. Games Workshop Epic models would be ideal.

Thanks for looking!



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I've got a pile of 15mm sci-fi minis stashed in my garage, but they're mostly from Khurasan, RAFM, and a few other random manufacturers. And I've already got a copy of Griffin Island, so I won't be much help, unfortunately.

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