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On 5/20/2016 at 8:51 PM, TRose said:

 I for one do not like the idea of Vegan Morocanth . I mean why keep herdman if you don't have to?

 And grass is low in nutrients and most herbivores need to spend a lot of time grazing.  I could see them being able to eat plants that humans get no nourishment  from and eating less meat then humans but vegan Morocanth  is to me a big NO

Well we need cows because we can't plow fields well without them. Morocanth need humans because they don't have thumbs. XD

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On 5/21/2016 at 5:59 AM, Iskallor said:

I like the idea of Morokanth racing teams. Short sprints along dry river beds. Part fertility rite part betting frenzy. 

Used to herald the coming seasonal serpents and a reminder of times when Ronance drove across the land.

The herdmen wear elaborate serpent masks and the driver throws out handfuls of either real petals or handcrafted ones.

Trolls have trollball....Morokanth are racing fanatics. I draw the line at raiding with chariots.


And driving on river beds means no wreckage of the sparce grasslands.

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I now have an image of herds of 500 Bison tip toeing through the sparse grasslands, daintily avoiding Impala shrubs, Sable bushes and High Llama trees as they search for their Bison grass...

Don't churn the ground!

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