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This may be addressed elsewhere, but is anyone looking at producing miniatures for Glorantha?

For humans, I can use Wargames Foundry's Ancients, or Crocodile Games "Heros of Olympus" but these mini's are intended for army use, and take time to convert to make adventuring bands. They also only cover basic units.


Do does anyone know (a0 what else is out there and (b) if there is anything coming up?

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 Others that would work for Glorantha are

 Rapier Miniatures for ducks and scorpion men.


 Ironwind ( Better known for their battletech line)has Bison and Rhino riders . They also have dinosaurs useable for Bolo lizards but don't know where you can get riders(  20 mm Barbarians?)


 Irregular miniatures in their animal section has Ostrich and gazelle , which might be OK for impala riders. But again you are going to have to find figures for the riders.


 Somebody else had bison riders but don't remember who.


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I particularly liked seeing the Iron Wind Metals rhino and bison. If I can find some sable antelope all will be good. Riders are not a problem; many military miniatures companies sell the horse and rider as two separate pieces. I was not familiar with Irregular miniatures, but it looks some of their 28mm models will make excellent groups of civilians, etc..

Seriously, there are two problems with historical minis.  First is that the scale varies widely: For example Eureka's fine miniatures are normally 25mm - set against 28mm scale may not sound like much, but on the tabletop it's pretty dramatic. Second is that they are generally sold in packs of 10+. I don't always need mobs for my PC's to fight, often I need a customizable individual figure to represent a PC. 

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