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At present moment I`m running 2 TTH campaigns with diffrent groups.Online (furthert ONL) and off-line (Further OFL).

OFL consist of 2 exp player and 2 new. As we started players asked zero scenario to get in mood. There were 4 of them so i pick up “Little Knowledge” as easy start. Make some minor changes. Added NPC from TTH to show them up. Went quite good, as PC found Villain diary give it to police and went forward. To Episode 1.

At this moment on of old players asked to join us. I offered him enter as PI hired by FOC CEO with mission to check and report all about the expedition. He got no information about the “Pasquallium” or other stuff. Just watch and report.(then i thought this will be quite a good idea adding some additional plots and twist)

Important note i asked OFL group to create 2 investigators each with connection between them as significant people. WHY?

  1. If one pc dies we have ready another one

  2. They can work together to cover more

  3. At the beginning of the session if there possibility they choose witch one to use

  4. Only one Investigator from each PC go to Vermont.

  5. They must write letters and communicate with second part to share knowledge.

Guys got dreams do all the research. Study local a little. Some digging we finished at day 3 early morning. All sound good except PI player, first he argued with Blaine, that he as FOC “representative” should get best place in car. Blaine just ordered “Move along Boys we do not need this office rat”. There were opportunity to get in truck but player missed it. Long story short, on second day PI arrives to Cobs refuses to sleep at night, refuses to stay at church for night paying with work for cover and food. Dislikes that no-one want to let his in just for free. And decides to sleep in forest somewhere around Cobs Corner, like what can happen. During night i sent him few scary dream and feeling that something wrong here, but PC ignored it. As a result Dark Young get some nice food. All were terrified except PC  which spent 3 hours for writing up this investigator.

  • PC thinks that Blaine is quite normal and were Stressed by behavior of PI.

  • Blaine offered PI to join them on farm but he would sorry before office morron.

  • PC thinks that Trent what to seduce Clarissa and female PC with some kind of witchery

  • Just 2 get dreams and now afraid to get for forest, ( that were great when i give them it, and switched to PI, to watch their reaction as he struggled against )

  • Afraid of Sheriff but like Deputy

ONL will started on wednesday  with single investigator each. And it showed quite good finished on moving to Jim's grill for first dinner.

-PC like Blaine as good students leader,

-Dislike Higgins and Laslow.Roderic were quite friendly with them all.

Tried to show Blaine as responsible one, for all the party. Using Higgins bad jokes helped me. Like during stop for snack one of PC were looking what that nasty Higgins do and follow him all around the cars. Female PC tried some romance with Laslow, but low APP and CR put her back on place where she should be. As PC start to interact with NPC students i give them some common knowledge and as for know roll to give some more. At present moment everyone interested and we will get together next week.

  • They have no information about the “Pasquallium” all they know: geology for minerals deposits + history and cultural research of local culture. That`s what Blaine told them.

  • One of players make a record half of session. But it`s in russian


  • It would be good to get map of Cobs Corner + Farm + Forest + Hills just to give correct directions and explanations.

  • Thank`s to morganhua, Cyenobite, pookie, JonHook  i used your photos, map, and ideas in starting online session. And Chaosium team too for OP) .


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In the next few days party separated in geology (2 PC) and cultural (2 PC). All go according to script with geology. And cultural get some adventures.
-    First they found some mythos related books in library. As interaction with (MABLE CARRUTHERS)  little Amanda were around curious what they going to do. Informed Deputy about this same evening. 
-    Get in contact with Wendell while one of them do all the talks other sneak to second floor to investigate, and steal photo.
-    Wendell share information about Death rate offering to prepare copy of articles for next day.

As they get back found all their stuff twisted and searched, and some paint writing on wall “GET AWAY”, “Sara watching on you”
-    Group decided to leave 2 students Roderic+Trent to guard farm and show all the stuff sheriff.
-    One geology PC bought rifle from local store for protection students from bears and other animal. But were to afraid using it as he saw zoog in forest. 
-    Geology PC persuaded Harlow to drive them closer for mountains; he got Boyd Patterson as significant person. And wanted to know where he died.
-    There were created by player red hook about religious cult inside town but meeting with Father Wilson break it down.
-    Once again PC interacted with Wendell who told them that someone changed old newspapers with death rate article to other (same year but just a copy of other date) and stolen his treasure picture, sharing suspicions for Cutter.
-    Bridge accident, Harlow were saved by PC action, saw some strange fluid.
-    In the evening they get ideas from Higgins. Some stage activities of Trent. But persuaded all to question Blane, Each student give a piece of information about last trip and Blane. 
-    Hi told them about love to girl, quarrel between then, she pushed him and he broke his leg. She left him, and go for exploration, And now this haunt`s him, he want to check Mountains but afraid. No one should risk because of his intention. PC agreed to help him check the spot. And other too. 
-    Same evening Blane informed Migo about the trap to prepare.
Next morning they found Sarah bones, as a result group get to mountains at 1700. And set up the camp. At dinner Blaine share some whiskey discussing how they check all the spots and do some geology tomorrow.
At night,  mi-go attack. NPC were covered Mist projectors trap. PC tried to resist but trying to save their comrades were captured. 
Result: All group captured as agents. There were few good moment of Insanity connected to PC back-story and memories. Everyone were satisfied. Dreams were ignored becouse of fear. Next week we will get to episode II

Ep. I Completed 3 sessions 9 hours

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In the next few days party separated in geology (1 PC) and cultural (3 PC). All go according to script with geology.
After Car accident there were change of group all pc get to cultural one. 
-    Get some information about the local rumors and bellwether.
-    Some interactions with local people and a shotgun accident. 
-    One of PC was black student and local children, wanted to play some jokes about him with bad chorus matches and sticks. As a result he shouts on them and hit a little. In hour or so after this incident local child protector appears as JIMMY MACLEARAN. Beating down all the shit from students. Same day Sherriff call to MU.
-    As a result of car accident Harlow get to Doc.Perry in hard condition. One of PC get in discussion with Perry about the Vampires and other stuff and receive 6 silver bullet. Buying old six-shooter from local store not a problem. 
-    Next day PC meet Bellwether and were quite disappointed about information that she give. And travel for maple forest found Portal to Dreamland and what left of Jeffry. He ask the to save girl but Moon beast attacks… and group split up 2 want to run 2 want to fight. Fighting party won this time, and with few crit success rolls Moon beast Killed. Jeffry Killed. But All PC get to farm
-    In the evening geology group get back with brain new student. 
-    Blaine know that there were something strange about left students, so he want to do all quite at night. Higgins starting drinking competition – and in the middle of it Prof. Harrold and Sherrif arrives. So players run from their fate. But were quite disappointed.
Result: they get some reward for half of quest but were disappointed with such railroad moving away from action. Maybe I do it rough, but as I saw it all were quite logical according, to character descriptions… 

Ep. I Completed 5 sessions 20 hours

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Episode II / 3 sessions / 12 hours...
So they get back to MU except, FOC PI. Dean of student give them quite hard talk about behavior to children, locals and alcohol in Vermont. Some of PC wanted to argue with him. I asked are you sure about arguing with Marinus Bickness if you will start it now as he`s angry this morning you`ll get 100% excluded from university. 
At this moment we made investigators development phase with skip 4 of four in game weeks. With minor in game activity. Each one tried to get some sanity back, one of PC get back from Vermont with Infidel Insanity.
And our FOC PI get back to group trying to find out what happen with his colleague. Players begin to dig information slowly. PC wrote explanation about their behavior in Vermont. Sent letter asking for help about explanation what happened in Vermont to Deputy Cutter. 
And while some of investigators tried to find out what happened with other student. I showed change of behavior and habits. Other does their work as normal students keeping low from Bickness and other. 
-    Studying Library group found out about scanning library information and occult books + some history, old newspapers.
-    Studying science group failed, responsible for this PC was more interested in testing Pasquallium
-    PI get in contact with Prof. Harold to get information about his colleague, but failed to impress him enough to share some information. 
-     In the same time one of PC were accepted into Library group to made research catalog after discussion with Prof Harold
-    PC hear part of arguing between Armitage and Agents (students+Harold)
-    Get to know about the problem with closed section of library. FOC PI tries to help student get access to it.  Harold talks about the dean meeting to discuss Library Closed Section question, and put it on voting. He know how people would vote, FOC PI offers his help in persuading some persons from listing to vote correct. 
-    In the same time they try to reach Blain apartment but, bat behavior with landlord make a bad joke on them. He watched what they do in room.
-    In few days Blaine killed, and Jarvis start to mind games, as result one PC gets Infidel Insane. 
-    Blaine get killed and female part of investigator get inside the room, as they told to land lord “We young couple and need apartment, and we don’t care about who, how, and why were killed there, as soon as it will be free we will rent it. And now want to see what`s inside.”
-    Finding new hangouts bring more confusion, as information what Agent reading and doing in library
-    PC saw how Agent get shopping but were not interested in following them
-    PC didn`t try to follow agents, and didn`t notice that they get back to Dormitory in few hours later that library close. 
-    On Friday 19th of September Prof. Wilmarth get in contact with students. To discuss some information about the Vermont expedition and strange behavior. At last PC see true ally which want to help them
-    Meanwhile FOC PI helped one of Professor with car problem, and decides to make appointment with Willmart because he convinces other to keep occult section of library closed from most of students. He spies on him two days and making plan to make Hit`n`Run. (FOC PI were off the session when Willmart speak with other, and PC`s keep this information off him) 
-    In the evening of Friday 19th Willmart were attacked, knee and few bones broken. He get the message to shut up about the Occult.
-    In the evening of Friday 19th Student get call from Block agreed to meet him, with his two friends. 
-    PCs were trying to be heroes on Hangman Hill… Block naturalized, 1 PC killed, 2 PC surrenders
-    Saturday morning Set as day X after Jarvis report to Devine. 
-    During day PC get their second characters trying to find some clues, looking for agent but they like gone( preparation, block torturing and extracting,) 
-    Noaks trying get Healing Dispenser to Willmarth.
-    I used Saturday as day of East European Cusine organized by LLA Colleague, almost each of PC tried something from it. (some of players offered get to restaurant and continue, other were thinking that this is railroad ant they must try( ) anyway the all get this trap.

Keeper talks:

Some of PC see railroad everywhere and want to get all the detail like in DnD and PF organized play. Like why i can’t see all the changes at once, so there were some off game discussions with PC. About the time spent with them un direct contact, if you just watch all the day on Rod you see to little to realize, interact with him or so.

"Before you told that almost everyone in MU know Laslow. Why this guard don`t know him?"

One of PC shared detailed opinion at “I see illogical that almost all event in Cob`s Corner were to provoke us for some illegal actions, and then all PC group were accused not just my PC, I could understand if it were just me but not all. After I harassed children appeared local drunk to beat all the shit off me, and we get problem with Sheriff. We get back to MU and because of Vermont incident everyone dislike us, and we can`t get any clues, nobody want to help us( so we just watch all the scripts(” This players character Afro American. I warned him that there could be some problem and social trouble. He agreed… about children accident /on third/fourth day children in Cobs Corner were making roundelay around him, with wooden stick like small wizards trying to curse him/ PC reacted in harassment children trying to catch them and hit some of them easy.

I thin this could be partly my mistake as keeper trying to show small town quite different from city, and part as reaction of PC thinking that if Afro American will hit a white boy in 1930 small town no one will do nothing to stop it. And about MU PC strongly dislike that for such a little accusation they could be excluded from MU and they were removed from Cobbs Corner beforehand. I can’t tell them, that Sheriff called Harold after the children’s accident.





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We started as session role-playing episodes of investigators under enzymes. 3 PC tasted food last session and each one get personal half an hour of scary stuff, this were quite difficult do describe standard stuff unfamiliar. Lots of gore and wild emotions. 1 PC didn`t taste food and for hall of madness time hide in wardrobe but fire take make him get to street. One of PC died last session were introduced as side character Library guard. At the beginning all the PC were separated so I jumped between them each 10-15 minutes. We get quit good shooting out in Library 3 Agent were killed (lots of 01 roll from PC) but still they set up fire, but didn’t get to 3rd level. Guards (1PC +2 NPC) barricaded there. In the same time Enzyme victims get back to reality get back to real world one of them failed CON and left with 4 INT. They saw fire hear blows, so tried to get away from campus. Were ambushed by Minerals Agents Part. Using FOC PC cat we start car`s chase. One of PC tried to jump from one car to another and Fumble throws him under wheels. PC tried to shoot, but Jarvis rammed them out the road.

Driver saved situation from car crash but time were lost. As they get back on road speeding but too late, just saw were agent turn off main road. Arriving to safe house and scouting around they sow Mi-Go leaving house with some cargo. Inside were agent bodies and some of sleeping investigators captured during “Another trap” PC searched all the house few times, but there were nothing except lost hangout (photographs of an apparent crater) and some lost tools.

Episode II finished 

/ 4 sessions / 16 hours...

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And we get back to our ONL party. Episode II  / 2 sessions / 6 hours.
First party gets TPK, that how players understand it.
So they created new PC with one obligatory connection to expedition members. To put them in some kind of tight spot I told them “Now you in Dean of Students office, he quite angry on you. Why?” PC decided that they stole body from St. Mary hospitals morgue, but something went wrong. While they were transporting it, rival driver saw body, get heart attack and car accident. So they put in almost same situation as we should. 
As they get out first question were “What had happened with expedition” They get back all together. But none of your friends get in touch with you. PC try to get in contact with their friends, but their behavior changed a little. Some of them become good friends of Terense Laslow, how ready to pay out all the debts. 
What happened strange to them (I just added some more agent with different traits, knowing that pc will try to get with them first.) and concentrating around them. 
PC started to look around geology group and studding mineral to get in touch. Knowing more and more about the material, thinking that Pasquallium some kind of Diamont or other Precious stone. As a result one of PC broke down into science building at night. Pass campus guards, saw one of agents were arguing with guards near building. But Proff. Store all the examples in safe. Being disappointed and scared by coming guard, he jumps of the second floor on ground.
They find out:
-Expedition members keep in touch and meet every evening
-Some of student from expeditions what get into Orne Library Rare books section with help of prof. Rogers
-Roderic Block started to build some kind of shelter or repair his apartment that`s what PC thought checking his pick-up.(stole and hide some dynamite from his pick up)
But mostly PC move around their ex-characters waiting somehow that I would show great change personality skipping low details. 

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