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Looking for UK Based Players

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I am currently  running a game of RQ 2 based in oxford but we are moving around the midlands to play the game at weekends about every six weeks. I am currently looking for one or two new players to join the game. The party is just finishing off The Rainbow Mounds and then I am going to run the Borderlands campain so it would be idea moment to bring in new players.


Please pm here or on facebook ...Tim Challis (currently have a picture of Thieves World on my profile) or email me at tchallis@live.co.uk



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By a carefully-perverse reading of your ad, I deduce that the Rainbow Mounds are actually situated in Oxford, and the Borderlands are somewhere in the midlands...

- Steve, the g33k (from California ;-)


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10 hours ago, David Scott said:

I suggest looking at and putting yourself on Nearby Gamers: http://nearbygamers.com

It's worked well for our club in West London (http://nearbygamers.com/groups/64nzS-The-Tuesday-Knights)

Nearby Gamers looks interesting!

I've had good luck with "Meetup.com" -- a couple of my FLGS's recommend it, and it has connected me with a couple of games (and other interests of mine).

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Have you tried meetup.com? They most likely have Some UK cities, you can add different meet up categories, for example role playing games, card games, environmental, health. hiking camping! If you have certain life style odds are they have a category for it.  I joined it and have several different categories that i am notified by email. It might possible get you started!       If you live in a big city you have better odds to find like minds on the site.

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