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Adapting to Modern Era

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Hey guys! First time poster. I'm excited I've never run an organized play anything before. The fact that it's also pre release further intrigues me. Me and my buddy's wanna play it for my podcast but they are wanting to try modern instead of the traditional time line.

Anyone out there have advice on adapting it for the modern setting? I have a few ideas but I also haven't run the it yet so I figure I would ask the experts!

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I myself plan on running the time to harvest in a modern setting as well. 

Mostly you have to factor the differences in travel arrangements and technology. 

A small isolated region in the 1920's is still relatively isolated now. 

So a lot of the characters don't really change all that much as far as the NPC's are concerned. 

Some things that may change are the school disciplines some of the PC's might choose. That would be interesting to go over slowly and redevelop.


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