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HeroQuest Glorantha typo/spelling/editing error list


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p.46 – Assigning Ability Ratings – “one of the character creation methods” seems like a hangover from HQ2’s various methods as opposed to just the one in HQG.

p.46 – ditto – 1W was defined earlier on p33, not “later”.

p.53 – Samastina- The Ambitious Noble: “She then adds her distinguishing characteristic, [proud,] which she decides is a breakout ability from her noble keyword.”

p.53 – Vargast - The Proud Thane: “Neil has a copy of the Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes book and makes his hero from the [Orlmarth] clan of the Colymar Tribe.” (Vargast is an Orlmarthing, i.e. he is a member of the Orlmarth clan…)

p.53 – Character Sheet: “Hero: Vargast the Thunderer, Proud Thane of the [Orlmarth] Clan”

p.53 – Character Sheet: “Mastery 17 […]”

p.53 – Character Sheet: “Distinguishing Characteristic: Proud [12W] (from [Air])”

p.53 – Character Sheet: “Community: [Orlmarth] clan 13”

p.53 – Character Sheet: “Ability Points: [2]”
            To summarize: Air +10 = 10

p.53 – Character Sheet: “Unspent Additional Abilities: 2″ is indeed correct!
To summarize: Lightning Spear +1, Lunars killed my wife 13, Companion: Firewind = 3

p.54 – Karganvale - Character Sheet: “Flaws: Incapable of love [9]W Geas of Humakt: Never Forgive a Betrayal [7]W” (The Geas should have the same rating as the Gift & Incapable of Love -as a “normal” flaw- should have a rating the same as the highest ability, i.e. Magical Sword Neckchopper at 9W.)

p.54 – Character Sheet: As an initiate of Humakt, Karganvale should have a Sword Fighting ability somewhere or other… The easiest way is to put a breakout ability under the Death Rune with a +1 rating. Cf. p.166: “All Humakti have the Specific ability of Sword Fighting at least at the same rating as their Death Rune. Although this ability is linked to their Death Rune rating, it is an independent ability, improved separately, and can be augmented by the Death Rune.”

p.54 – The Vengeful Mercenary: “Franziska agrees that [it] is exactly [the] sort of god she wants her heroine to worship and gives her the Runes of Darkness, Death, and Truth, at 17, 1W, and 13 respectively; [she also] makes her an initiate of Humakt.”

p.54 – Character Sheet: “Community: Thirstless spirit society 13″ should go as it is already subsumed under the Spirit Rune according to p. 136 of the rules. Else it should become an additional ability & be paid accordingly, i.e. “Unspent Additional Abilities: 1”

p.54 – “He takes two [..] [charms] from the Thirstless spirit society (to broaden the range of [magic] available to Herrox);”

p.68 – Samastina’s Saga: Meeting with the Queen: ““Great,” agrees Claudia. “So the goal is that you want the queen to bestow emissary status on [your] group.””

p.68 – Samastina’s Saga: Meeting with the Queen: ““I have a Mastery over you, remember you have only a 6 and I have [14]W and so my mastery bumps your failure down to a [f]umble.””

p.68 – Samastina’s Saga: Meeting with the Queen: “”Claudia reads from the Describing […] Results table:”

p.70 – Esrolian Factions: “After the Masters of Luck and Death [contest] fail[\s] to replace the God-King of the Holy Country after his disappearance in 1616, the unity of the Holy Country is quickly torn apart. Esrolia is troubled by struggles between the pro-Lunar Red Earth Alliance of Queen Hendira, the anti-Lunar Old Earth Alliance of the priestesses of Ezel, and the ambitious Warm Earth Alliance, led by the [Demivierge] of Rhigos and her armies of savage spearmen. The conflicts between the factions grow in intensity until they break out into open warfare in 1622.”

p.70 – (as well as other pages) there are references to the “Resolution Point Table.” On p. 70, the second table is labeled “Extended Contest Resolution Points.” After looking for the “Resolution Points Table” and not finding it, I realized that the “Extended Contest Resolution Points” might well be the Resolution Point Table. Is it? If so, I don’t think it should be labeled “Extended Contest Resolution Points” — because it is used for both Simple and Extended contests. Yes? It simply is the “Resolution Points Table” and spits out information for Group Simple Contests and Group Extended Contests. (That is, if I’m correct about the Table’s purpose!)

The same labeling of the table appears on the table among the charts at the back of the book on p. 243.

p.71 – Samastina’s Saga: Leaving Nochet (part 1): “”Franziska says, “Karganvale uses her Sense Assassin breakout from her Death Rune to choose a safe route out of the city. That’s at [7]W.”” (Cf. p. 54)

p.71 – Samastina’s Saga: Leaving Nochet (part 1): ““Franziska, your Sense Assassins ability is specific against the Blue Moon Assassins tracking you, so you get a Specific Ability Bonuses of +6, [which puts you] at [13]W.””

p.74 – repetition under point 3 of Extended Contest Sequence.

p.74 – the last two paragraphs of the section on Extended Conquest Sequence (just before Parting Shot) are repeated and can be removed.

p.75 – 1st para, “He tells” should be “He tells them”.

p.80 – Cragspider should be Dead, not Dying, since losers add 1 to their scores on the Climactic Consequence table?

Cragspider was knocked out with 7 points. The player declined a parting shot. The GM added the Loser Point, bringing Cragspider points to 8: Dying.

p.83 – 2nd para, “following table” should be “table above”.

p.84 – last para says that the winner never scores less than a Minor Victory, but the table allows for a Marginal Victory.
CLIMACTIC SCENE VICTORY LEVEL – the table is wrong – hurt gives a minor victory.

p.91 – sidebar, 2nd para, “religious” should be “religions”.


p.98 – 1st column, 4th to last para, “loosing” should be “losing”.

p.115 – 2nd column, 1st para after Arkat story, “as follows” should be “as shown in the previous diagram”, or similar.

p.116 – Complete Defeat mentioned in text, presumably at King’s Banquet, so should be a double arrow in diagram. Should earlier para (3rd in 2nd column) refer to major and complete being double arrows?

p.119 – 2nd column, 2nd para, “Game Mastery” should be “Game Master”.

p.127 – Gaming Tips – “this chapter”? This isn’t a chapter, perhaps “section”?

p.130 – 2nd column, 2nd para, extraneous colon.

p.146 – Feats, “of one your” should be “of one of your”.

p.157 – 1st column, 2nd para, add “and” before “he fled”.

p.190 – bottom of 1st column, “the scope *of* these rules”.

p.204 – point 2, “deduce … for” doesn’t make sense. “from”?

p.222 – 2nd column, second para says. Example is from Uncommon Events. The boxed text after this paragraph says Rare Events. In fact, the Guide to Glorantha lists this example under Uncommon Events, so the header in the boxed test is wrong.

p.221 – 1st column, last para, ” link” should be “linking”.p.224 – 1st column, 3rd para, “herder” should be “herders”.

p.229 – The Army of Darkness – “someone” should be “somehow”.

p.230 – 2nd column, 4th para, “Within it” should be “Within is”.

p.230 – last bullet “it was dead ruler” should be “it was a dead ruler”.

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after the topic popped up again in the G+ forum I decided to start a thread for an unofficial HeroQuest:Glorantha typo/spelling/errata list.

the idea is to use this thread for compiling known typos and rule errors.

I will add additions to the main list in the original posting.

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Typos, and nits on nits worthy of a Sheldon Cooper.

To take an example, p.53:

"Orlmarth", "Orlmarth clan", "Orlmarthings" or "Orlmarthing clan" are interchangeable. In my old index (which could be used as a nit-pickers fine comb) I probably would have listed all of these as labels for the entry on the clan, along with "Starfire Ridge clan". "Starfires (clan)", and "Woodpecker clan". The standard label would have been "Orlmarth", but any other form is as valid.



Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Nice work in kicking this off, @Oracle.

How about splitting this into two threads. One for typos which don't materially affect the rules, and another for actual errors in the rules (including typos which do make the rules  "wrong").

Doing so would seem to help make it easier both for newbies to find the more important stuff, and for Chaosium to be able to perhaps give us official answers and turn it into an official source of errata.


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