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Integrating new characters (and players) at Episode 2

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My group has finished Episode 1, but I am losing one of my players. Fortunately, I have a wait list for my game and am able to bring in a new player, who will be starting with Episode 2 in two weeks when my group reconvenes.

so she will be rolling up a character in the lead up to the next session, and I'm looking for ways to integrate her character into the mystery the players who experienced episode 1 are mixed up in. The easy answer is "you're a friend/roommate of one of these students who went on this field trip, now they are acting weird - maybe one of the other students on the trip can shed some light on this," but I'm open for suggestions for better ways to incorporate her into the game.

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I will have this problem in 2 hours as I will start second part. So I think there's a lot of possibilities :

- Student at the Prof Learmonth Lab (and can find some strange documents / see strange things), maybe same in Library (but strange things are less obvious in Library I think)

- Prof Wilmarth assistant, this one asks his student to become friends with those guys coming back from Vermont because they act very strange

- Student from Cobb's Corner ? He was not on the trip for Vermont but he's aware that strange things have been done there (that gives her the same knowledge of other students).


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My hole group get TPK at the end of Ep1. I`ll be using Variation of

- close friends of their last, trying to put some drama into it. Building tension around showing then that there`s something wrong,

-other way include them as part of FOC survey team to check with results...

-faculty members that`s could get in trip but interesting in working with materials.

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She sent me her character concept today and we talked it over a bit - we agreed that a good way to involve her character was for her to be Clarissa Thurber's roommate and realize something's amiss, leading her to seek out other attendees of the field trip.

The player is a hardcore fangirl for HPL, the first really dedicated reader of Mythos fiction I've GMed for in a long time. She cross-referenced the date of the campaign with the dates of significant events in Lovecraft's fiction and decided to make her character the granddaughter of Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee, come to Miskatonic in hopes of unearthing clues to  her grandfather's mysterious fugue-state from 1908-1913.

I am going to have so much fun with this.

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